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Sat, 19.09.2020

Detroit’s Black Bottom community, a story

*The Black Bottom community is celebrated on this date in 1827.  This was a predominantly Black neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, United States.   Although the name “Black Bottom” is often reference to the African American community that developed in the twentieth century, the neighborhood was actually named by early white-French colonial settlers. Historically, this area […]

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Mon, 14.09.2020

Holmes v. Danner ruled

*On this date in 1961 Holmes v. Danner was decided.  This was a civil rights case won to permit the desegregation of the University of Georgia.  Hamilton Holmes, a minor, by his father and next friend, Alfred Holmes, and CharlayneA. Hunter, a minor by her mother and next friend, Mrs. Althea Brown Hunter, on behalf […]

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Sun, 13.09.2020

Thee Rosewood Massacer occurs

*On this date in 1923, the Rosewood Massacre occurred.  The Rosewood Massacre was a racially motivated slaughter of Black people and destruction of a Black town that took place in rural Levy County, Florida.   Eyewitness accounts suggested a higher death toll of 27 to 150.  Rosewood was originally settled in 1845 by both Blacks […]

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Wed, 02.09.2020

Juanita Milam born

*Juanita Milam was born on this date in 1927.  She was a white-American clerk and window of one of Emmett Till’s killers.    Born Mary Juanita Thompson in Greenville, MS, she was the fifth of six children of Albert and Myrtle Thompson. She married World War II veteran John William Milam on Dec. 10, 1949, […]

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Wed, 02.09.2020

Carolyn Bryant born

*The birth of Carolyn Bryant is affirmed on this date in 1934.  She is a white-American store clerk, eyewitness and plaintiff in the Emmett Till trial.    From Indianola, Mississippi, Carolyn Bryant Donham’s father was a plantation manager and her mother was a nurse.  A high school dropout, she won two beauty contests and married […]

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Sun, 30.08.2020

Race based Land Redistribution in America

*On this date in 1865, Racist land redistribution in America is written about.  Since emancipation, there are numerous accounts of seized homes and land belonging to Blacks have been taken by whites in America.   For generations, since the 18th century, Black families in America have passed down the stories: “They stole our land.”  In 2004, […]

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Fri, 28.08.2020

The White House of the Confederacy built

*On this date in 1815, The White House of the Confederacy was built.  This is a historic house located in the Court End neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. Built as the main executive residence of the sole President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, from August 1861 until April 1865. It was viewed as the Confederate States counterpart to the White House in Washington, D.C. […]

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Thu, 27.08.2020

The Great Migration, a brief story

*The Great Migration is affirmed on this date in 1916.  Sometimes known as the Great Northward Migration or the Black Migration, this episode came in two chapters.  The first Great Migration (1916–40), which saw about 1.6 million people move from mostly rural areas in the South to northern industrial cities.  The Second Great Migration (1940–70), […]

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Wed, 26.08.2020

Henry Garnet’s “Address to the Slaves” speech given

*On this date in 1843 Henry Highland Garnett gave his “Address to the Slaves” speech.  Garnett was 27 years old when he addressed the National Negro Convention in Buffalo, New York.  This is an abridged version of Garnet’s speech to the 1843 National Negro Convention, which is often referred to as his “Address to the […]

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Sun, 23.08.2020

The Castillo de San Marcos, a brief story

*The Castillo de San Marcos began construction on this date in 1672.  Built with Black African slave and Native American labor, it is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States.  Still standing, it is located on the western shore of Matanzas Bay in the city of St. Augustine, Florida.  The city of St. Augustine was founded for the Spanish Crown in 1565 on the site […]

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