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Wed, 16.10.2019

A ‘Safe Place’, the White Rose Home for Colored Working Girls

*On this date in 1897, the White Rose Home for Colored Working Girls was founded.   Also known as the White Rose Mission and the White Rose Industrial Association, it was created as a “Christian, nonsectarian Home for Colored Girls and Women” by black civic leaders, Victoria Earle Matthews and Maritcha Remond Lyons. The settlement house, located on Manhattan’s Upper West side […]

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Fri, 11.10.2019

The Royal African Company (RAC) Founded

*On this Indigenous Peoples Day, the 1662 founding of the Royal African Company (RAC) is briefly examined on African American Registry.  This was an Irish/English commercial slave trading company set up by the royal Stuart family and City of London to trade along the west coast of Africa. It was led by the Duke of York, who was the brother of Charles II and later took the throne […]

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Fri, 11.10.2019

Guyana Gains Independence

*On this date in 1966, Guyana gained independence from Britain. Located in Northeastern South America, the recorded history of Guyana begins in 1499, when Alonso de Ojeda’s first expedition arrived from Spain at the Essequibo River. The Guyana story has been shaped by the many national and ethnic groups, as well as the colonial policies […]

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Thu, 10.10.2019

Laquan McDonald murdered

*On this date in 2014, the murder of Laquan McDonald took place in Chicago, Illinois.  He was a 17-year-old African American youth was fatally shot by white Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke.   Shortly before 10:00 p.m., that evening, police were called to investigate McDonald at 4100 South Pulaski Road, responding to reports that he was carrying a knife and breaking into vehicles in a trucking […]

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Fri, 20.09.2019

União dos Palmares founded

*The city of União dos Palmares was founded on this date in 1831.   Located in the Brazilian state of Alagoas, this city has a historic importance to African Brazilians. On a nearby hill was a mocambo or, in more recent terms, a Quilombo. These were centers of African slaves fleeing and resisting slavery. Known as the Quilombo dos Palmares this was the largest and most organized of the many […]

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Sun, 11.08.2019

The Harlem Cultural Festival held

*On this date in 1969 the first performance played at the Harlem Cultural Festival.  Also known as Black Woodstock, this was a series of music concerts that took place in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City.  The concerts celebrated African American music and culture and promoted the continued politics of black pride. Some of the artist included Nina Simone, B.B. King, Sly & the Family Stone, Chuck Jackson, Abbey Lincoln & Max […]

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Sun, 14.07.2019

Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act passed

*On this date in 1924, The Racial Integrity Act was passed in the state of Virginia.   The state’s General Assembly passed two laws that arose out of white concerns about eugenics and race.  This was influenced by the Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924 due to the number of cases reported by doctors where they found genetic traits in whites that are […]

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Mon, 24.06.2019

Black History in Hastings, Minnesota, Heidi Langenfeld

Dakota County historian Heidi Langenfeld share some of stories about early black settlers in Hastings, Minnesota

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Wed, 12.06.2019

The Treaty with the Cherokee Nation Signed

*On this date in 1866. The Treaty with Cherokee Nation was signed.  This document constituted articles pertaining to African Cherokee Citizens and ended Slavery in the Cherokee Nation.   it also exemplifies the historic intersectionality of the African American and Native American community. This voided a “pretended treaty” with Confederate Cherokees; granted amnesty to Cherokees; established a […]

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Tue, 30.04.2019

Martin Luther King Jr. gives his “Beyond Vietnam” speech!

*On this date in 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “Beyond Vietnam” speech at Riverside Church, New York City. Given exactly one year before he was murdered, this was a major turning point in many powerful entities viewed the influence of this man to unite the countries citizens.  Below is to complete text of […]

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What happens when an old black man, Toothless and raggedy, Walks into a bank, catches Some young, white, middle-manager's ear With a slurred tale of coins Hoarded from his wife and kids (Who would only... THRIFT by Cornelius Eady
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