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Sun, 24.01.2021

Albery Whitman, Poet born

*Albery Whitman was born on this date in 1851.  He was a Black poet, minister and orator.   Albery Allison Whitman was born into slavery at a farm near Munfordville, Kentucky. After years as a manual laborer, working at a plow shop, on railroad construction and as a teacher, Whitman attended Wilberforce University in 1870. […]

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Fri, 22.01.2021

Amanda Gorman, Poet born

*Amanda Gorman was born on this date in 1998.  She is a Black poet and activist. Amanda S. C. Gorman was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1998 and was raised by her mother, Joan Wicks, a teacher with her two siblings. She has a twin sister, Gabrielle, who is a filmmaker. Gorman has said she grew […]

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Sun, 03.01.2021

Pat Parker, Poet born

*Pat Parker was born on this date in 1944.  She was a Black, lesbian women’s advocate, author and poet.  Southern born and educated in Houston, Texas, Pat Cooks was the youngest of four daughters in a Black working-class family.  Her parents were Marie Louise (née Anderson) and Ernest Nathaniel Cooks. Marie Louise worked as a domestic […]

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Sun, 27.12.2020

Gerald Early, Writer born

*Gerald Early was born on this date in 1952.  He is a Black essayist and American culture critic. Gerald Lyn Early was from Philadelphia, the son of Henry Early and Florence Fernandez Oglesby. His father was a baker and died when Early was nine months old, leaving his mother, a preschool teacher, to raise him […]

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Tue, 22.12.2020

Isabel Wilkerson, Author born

*The birth of Isabel Wilkerson is celebrated on this date in 1961.  She is a Black journalist and author.   Born in Washington D.C., she studied journalism at Howard University, becoming editor-in-chief of the college newspaper The Hilltop. During college, Wilkerson interned at many publications, including the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.  In […]

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Tue, 15.12.2020

Omar Ibn Sa’id, Author born

*The birth of Omar ibn Sa’id is celebrated on this date in 1770.  He was a Black Muslim slave, scholar and author.  Omar ibn Sa’id was born in present-day Senegal in a region along the Middle Senegal River in West Africa, to a wealthy family.   He was an Islamic scholar and a Fula who […]

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Fri, 11.12.2020

Yusef Iman, Poet born

*This date in 1933 marks the birth of Yusef Iman.  He was a Black poet, singer, actor, playwright, and director. Born Joseph Washington Jr. he was one of five children from Savannah, GA.  His journey into adulthood included a membership in the Nation of Islam, through Malcolm X of Muslim Mosque Inc., and the O.A.A.U. […]

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Thu, 10.12.2020

Adelaide Casely-Hayford, Writer born

*Adelaide Casely-Hayford was born on this date in 1868.  She was a Black African Creole cultural nationalist, educator, writer, and feminist.   Adelaide Smith was born to an elite family in Freetown, British Sierra Leone.  to a mixed-race father (William Smith Jr, of English and royal Fanti parentage) from the Gold Coast and a Creole mother, Anne Spilsbury, of English, Jamaican Maroon, and Sierra Leone Liberated African ancestry. She was the second […]

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Fri, 04.12.2020

Suzan-Lori Parks born

*Suzan-Lori Parks was born on this date in 1963.  She is a Black playwright, screenwriter, musician and novelist.   She was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. She grew up with two siblings in a military family. Parks enjoyed writing poems and songs and created a newspaper with her brother, called the “Daily Daily”. Parks attended high […]

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Tue, 01.12.2020

Armand Lanusse, Post born

*The birth of Armand Lanusse is celebrated on this date in 1810.  He was an Afro-Creole educator and poet.  He was born in New Orleans as a free man of color. He lived his entire life in that city.  Due to majority-European ancestry, Lanusse could have passed as white, but he embraced his Black ancestry. […]

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