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Wed, 25.03.2020

Gayl Jones, writer born

*Gayl Jones was born on this date in 1949.  She is an African American writer. Jones is from Lexington, Kentucky, the daughter of Franklin and Lucille Jones. She grew up in Speigle Heights, a neighborhood, in a house with no indoor toilet. Her father was a restaurant cook and her mother, who wished to be a writer, stayed at home.  She […]

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Thu, 19.03.2020

The Anti-Slavery Bugle newspaper is published

 *On this date in 1845, The Anti-Slavery Bugle started publication.  This was an abolitionist newspaper first published in New Lisbon (later renamed Lisbon), Ohio, and moved shortly after five issues to Salem, Ohio. Salem was home to many Quaker families and an active station of the Underground Railroad, providing the paper with more subscribers. James Barnaby was the publisher of the paper and received support from the Anti-Slavery […]

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Thu, 19.03.2020

James Whitfield, Poet born

*James Whitfield was born on this date in 1822.  He was a Black poet, abolitionist, and political activist.   James Monroe Whitfield was born in Exeter, New Hampshire to Nancy (Paul) of Exeter and Joseph Whitfield, who escaped enslavement in Virginia.  Through his mother, James was the nephew of Rev. Thomas Paul of the African Meeting House in Boston, and Jude Hall, veteran of the Revolutionary War.  The […]

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Sun, 01.03.2020

Ulrich Phillips born

*On this date in 1877, Ulrich Phillips was born.  He was a white-American historian who outlined the field of the social and economic history of the Antebellum South and American slavery.   From Atlanta, Georgia, Ulrich Bonnell Phillips concentrated on the large plantations that dominated the Southern economy, and he did not investigate the numerous small farmers who held slaves. He concluded that […]

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Thu, 20.02.2020

The Crisis Magazine is published

*On this date in 1910, The Crisis magazine was published. This is the official magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). It was founded in 1910 by W. E. B. Du Bois (editor), Oswald Garrison Villard, J. Max Barber, Charles Edward Russell, Kelly Miller, William Stanley Braithwaite, and Mary Dunlop Maclean. The Crisis has been in continuous print since 1910, and it is the oldest […]

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Tue, 28.01.2020

William Stetson Kennedy, author born

*On this date in 1916, William S. Kennedy was born.  He was a white-American author, folklorist, and human rights activist.   William Stetson Kennedy, commonly known as Stetson Kennedy, was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Willye Stetson and George Wallace Kennedy.  A descendant of signers of the Declaration of Independence, Kennedy came from a wealthy, aristocratic Southern family with relatives such as John Batterson Stetson, founder of […]

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Mon, 13.01.2020

Black Love Through Literature And Writing, Jonathan Odell

White American author Jonathan Odell shares a few loving viewpoints of African Americans and their affects on his writing and personal life

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Thu, 02.01.2020

Francis Scott Key, born

*Francis Scott Key was born on this date in 1779.  He was a white-American slave owner, lawyer, author, and poet.   He is most noted for writing the lyrics for a poem which eventually became the United States’ national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”.  The third verse of his poem had not been included in public singing of America’s national anthem.   Key was born to Ann Phoebe Penn Dagworthy […]

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Tue, 31.12.2019

Josephine Henderson Heard

*On this date in 1861, we celebrate the birth of Josephine Henderson Heard.  She was Black teacher and poet.   Josephine Delphine Henderson was born the daughter of two enslaved parents in Salisbury, North Carolina.  After slavery ended a goal was set for her to become a teacher.   At age 21, she married William Henry Heard in 1882. She held teaching […]

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Tue, 24.12.2019

Josephine Schuyler born

*Josephine Schuyler was born on this date in 1897.  She was a white-American author and poet.   From Granbury, Hood County, Texas, Josephine Cogdell Schuyler was born into a wealthy family, the youngest of the seven children of Daniel Calhoun Cogdell and Lucy Norfleet Duke.   She was a white woman born to great wealth and privilege in Granbury, Texas.  […]

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Slaves are said to have worked hard & long on this island Sunup to sundown & beyond Sundays & Christmas off Two clothes a year are memories bestowed to old... ST. HELENA ISLAND by Tom Dent.
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