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Tue, 18.01.2022

American Racism, Asian Hate, David Mura

David Mura is a Japanese American author, literary critic, and educator. In this segment, he shares viewpoints of nonwhite racial identity through personal experience.

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Tue, 11.01.2022

Jericho Brown, Poet, and Educator born

*Jericho Brown was born on this date in 1976. He is a Black poet and writer. Born Nelson Demery III, he was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. Brown later changed his name and graduated from Dillard University, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity through the Beta Phi chapter in 1995. He also graduated from the University of New […]

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Tue, 21.12.2021

Robert Guthrie, Psychologist, and Author born

*Robert V. Guthrie was born on this date in 1932. He was a Black psychologist, author, and educator. Guthrie and his twin brother were born in Chicago. As a baby, his father, a school principal, picked up the family and moved to Richmond, Ky., then to Lexington, Ky., towns in great need of teachers for […]

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Sun, 12.12.2021

Carlos Marighella, Writer, and Activist born

*Carlos Marighella was born on this date in 1911. He was an Afro Brazilian politician, writer. Marighella was born in Salvador, Bahia, to Italian immigrant Augusto Marighella and Afro Brazilian Maria Rita do Nascimento. His father was a blue-collar worker originally from Emilia, while his mother was a descendant of African slaves brought from Sudan (Hausa blacks). He spent […]

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Tue, 16.11.2021

Julia Peterkin, Novelist born

*Julia Peterkin was born on this date in 1880. She was a white-American teacher and author from Laurens County, South Carolina. She was born Julia Mood. Her father was a physician, and she was the third of his four children. Her mother died soon after her birth, and her father later married Janie Brogdon. Janie […]

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Sun, 14.11.2021

Roarck Bradford, Writer, and Editor born

*Roark Bradford was born on this date in 1896. He was a white-American short story writer and novelist. From Lauderdale County, Tennessee, Roark Whitney Wickliffe Bradford attended the University of California, Berkeley, and served as a first lieutenant in the Coast Artillery. He did most of his newspaper work for The Times-Picayune, where he worked or […]

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Tue, 02.11.2021

The White Negro (the essay) a story

*On this date in 1957, we affirm The White Negro: Superficial Reflections on the Hipster (WN). The White Negro is a 9,000-word essay by Norman Mailer, connects the “psychic havoc” wrought by the Holocaust and atomic bomb to the aftermath of slavery in America in the figuration of the Hipster, or the “white negro.” The essay called to abandon […]

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Tue, 02.11.2021

Black Like Me (the Book), a story

*Black Like Me is celebrated on this date in 1961. This is a nonfiction book by white journalist John Howard Griffin. It was his recounting his journey in the Deep South of the United States, at a time when Blacks lived under the height of Jim Crow racial segregation. Griffin was a native of Mansfield, Texas, who had […]

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Tue, 02.11.2021

Ray Sprigle, Journalist born

*Ray Sprigle was born on this date in 1886. He was a white-American journalist and author. Ray Sprigle was born in Akron, Ohio, to parents of colonial Pennsylvanian German ancestry. He attended local schools. After his freshman year, he left Ohio State University and started working as a newspaper reporter and a freelance pulp fiction […]

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Mon, 01.11.2021

Duke (Magazine) is Published

*On this date in 1957, Duke Magazine was first published.  Duke was a short-lived men’s magazine formed by previous employees of the Johnson Publishing Company. It is notable as an early attempt at an upscale adult periodical for African American audiences.  It was primarily a black and white publication, although the cover and centerfold were color […]

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The first thing you do is to forget that i’m Black.Second, you must never forget that i’m Black. You should be able to dig Aretha,but don’t play her every... FOR THE WHITE PERSON WHO WANTS TO KNOW HOW TO BE MY FRIEND by Pat Parker
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