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Sun, 13.10.2019

Baltimore’s Son, Parren Mitchell born

*Parren Mitchell was born on this date in 1922.  He was an African American Congressman and activist who represented the 7th congressional district of Maryland from January 3, 1971 to January 3, 1987. He was the first black man elected to Congress from Maryland.  Parren James Mitchell was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His father, Clarence M. Mitchell, Sr., was a waiter, and his mother, Elsie […]

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Sun, 14.07.2019

Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act passed

*On this date in 1924, The Racial Integrity Act was passed in the state of Virginia.   The state’s General Assembly passed two laws that arose out of white concerns about eugenics and race.  This was influenced by the Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924 due to the number of cases reported by doctors where they found genetic traits in whites that are […]

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Mon, 08.07.2019

Tuskegee Airman Robert Friend born

*Robert Friend was bornon this date in 1920.  He was an African American military officer and Tuskegee Airman.  Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Friend was interested in aviation from a young age. He read stories of World War I pilots in old magazines and made his own makeshift airplanes for imaginative play. Friend had wanted to […]

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Wed, 03.04.2019

Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata born

*Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata was born on this date in 1978.  She is an Afro-Colombian engineer, professor and public policy advocate.   Born in Bogata, Paula Marcela Moreno Zapatais the daughter of Armando Moreno, a retired civil servant of the Bogotá Aqueducts, and María Zényde Zapata, a lawyer.   In 1998, Moreno graduated with a degree in Italian Language and Culture from Istituto Italiano di […]

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Wed, 03.04.2019

Chicago elects its first Black Women Mayor

*On this date in 2019, the first black woman was elected mayor of Chicago, Illinois.  Former federal prosecutor Lori Lightfoot easily won the Chicago mayor’s race earning support from every part of the city to defeat a longtime political insider.    She also become the first openly gay person to lead the United States of Americas third-largest […]

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Sun, 17.02.2019

Tippu Tip, entrepreneur and slave trader born

*This date marks Independence Day for the African Country Zanzibar in 1961. We chose this date to celebrate the birth of Tippu Tip circa 1832.  He was a Swahili Zanzibar slave owner and slave trader to European colonist.   It is believed that Tippu Tip was born in Zanzibar, his birth name was Hamad bin Muhammad bin […]

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Sat, 16.02.2019

Issac Woodard Jr. born

*Isaac Woodard Jr. was born on this date in 1919.  He was a decorated African American World War IIveteran and hate crime victim. Woodard was born in Fairfield County, South Carolina, and grew up in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He attended local segregated schools, often underfunded for blacks during the Jim Crow years.  On October 14, 1942, the 23-year-old Woodard enlisted in the U.S. Army at Fort Jackson in Columbia, […]

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Sat, 26.01.2019

Franklin Hall Williams, attorney born

*Franklin Hall Williams was born on this date in 1917.  He was an African American lawyer and civil rights leader. Williams was born in Flushing, Queens, his mother died when he was 2 years old; he was raised by his grandparents. He graduated from Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University in 1941. In 1945 he earned a law degree from Fordham University, after […]

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Fri, 25.01.2019

Brazil’s 5 official census color classifications explained, Juliana Ramos

Public Policy advocate Juliana Ramos shares her views on Brazil’s 5 census color classifications and where the Afro Brazilian intersectionality occurs and does not

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Sat, 12.01.2019

Rosanell Eaton, passion for education and public policy

*Rosanell Eaton was born on this date 1921.  She was an African American teacher and voting rights activist.  She was born on a farm outside Louisburg North Carolina, a granddaughter of slaves and the youngest of seven children. After her father died when she was 2, Eaton’s mother became a sharecropper.  In the early years of her life, Eaton farmed for […]

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What happens when an old black man, Toothless and raggedy, Walks into a bank, catches Some young, white, middle-manager's ear With a slurred tale of coins Hoarded from his wife and kids (Who would only... THRIFT by Cornelius Eady
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