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Sat, 01.10.2022

Nancy Leftenant, Nurse and Officer born

*Nancy Leftenant was born on this date in 1920. She was a Black nurse and military officer. Also known as “Lefty,” she was born in Goose Creek, South Carolina, to James and Eunice Leftenant. She graduated from Amityville High School, Amityville, New York, in 1939 and New York’s Lincoln School of Nursing in 1941. She […]

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Sat, 01.10.2022

Phyllis Mae Dailey, Nurse and Officer born

*The birth of Phyllis Mae Dailey is celebrated on this date in 1920. She was a Black nurse and naval officer. From New York City, she was a graduate of Lincoln School of Nursing in New York and a student of public health at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dailey initially wanted to enter the U.S. […]

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Sat, 24.09.2022

The New York Colored Orphan Asylum Opens

*The New York Colored Orphan Asylum is celebrated on this date in 1836.  This was a healthcare facility in New York City that existed until 1946. The Colored Orphan Asylum was founded in Manhattan by three Quakers: Anna, Hanna Shotwell, and Mary Lindley Murray. It was one of the first of its kind in the […]

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Wed, 14.09.2022

Benet Omalu, Physician and Forensic Pathologist born

*Bennet Omalu was born on this date in 1968. He is a Black Nigerian-American physician, forensic pathologist, and neuropathologist. Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu is of Igbo ancestry and was born in Njikoka, Anambra, in southeastern Nigeria. The sixth of seven siblings, he was born during the Nigerian Civil War, which caused his family to flee from their […]

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Sun, 11.09.2022

Sara Iredell Fleetwood, Nurse and Teacher born

*The birth of Sara Iredell Fleetwood is celebrated on this date in 1849. She was a Black nurse, club woman, and teacher. Sara Louise Iredell was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to Elizabeth Susan (née Webb) and Geoffrey George Iredell. Her father was originally from Edenton, North Carolina, and was the son of an enslaved […]

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Thu, 01.09.2022

Florence Saunders Farley, Psychologist and Educator born

*Florence Saunders Farley was born on this date in 1928.  She was a Black psychologist, educator, politician, and community activist. Florence Saunders was born in Roanoke, Virginia, to Neoda and Stacious Saunders. she attended Harrison elementary school in Roanoke. After graduating as the salutatorian of her class from Lucy Addison High school in 1946, Farley […]

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Tue, 23.08.2022

Cortland Van Rensselaer Creed , Doctor born

*The birth of Cortlandt Van Rensselaer Creed is celebrated on this date in 1833. He was a Black Doctor. Attendance at Yale came on the heels of the Connecticut Assembly’s decision to remove references to race in the state’s constitution in 1846. In 1854, he officially became the first black person to register and study […]

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Sun, 17.07.2022

Beatrix A. Hamburg, Psychiatrist born

*Beatrix A. Hamburg was born on this date in 1923.  She was a Black Psychiatrist and advocate for children. Beatrix Ann McCleary was born to Minor McCleary and Beatrix Ann Downs in Jacksonville, Florida. Her father was a surgeon who died when she was young. Shortly after his death, they moved to Long Island in […]

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Sun, 26.06.2022

Black History, and American Abortion, a story

*Black history and American abortion are affirmed on this date in 1500. African women endured many crimes against humanity as part of the Middle Passage. White rape from enslavers, and forced childbearing to supply labor for the slave base agrarian culture of the 13 colonies, Antebellum South, and more. Beginning in the 17th century, abortion and […]

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Mon, 20.06.2022

William S. Hall, Psychologist born

*William S. Hall was born on this date in 1934. He was a Black psychologist, author, and educator. William Sterling Hall was born in Scott, Arkansas (Lonoke County) to Joseph William Hall and Mattie (Brock) Hall. In 1951, he graduated from Scipio A. Jones High School in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Hall earned a bachelor’s […]

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i went down to malcolmland me come back a man. me return with blackness drippin from my every breath. i went down to malcolmland unprepared but him gave me a grass... HALF BLACK, HALF BLACKER by Sterling Plumpp.
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