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Wed, 15.05.2024

Basketball Career Options, Seimone Augustus

Seimone Augustus is a former college and WNBA basketball player in this segment. She shares nonplaying career options for youth who wish to participate in the game.

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Fri, 15.03.2024

The Benefits of Diverse Curriculum, Steve Asencio

Steve Asencio is a teacher and education advocate. In this segment, he shares his experiences and views on why a diverse curriculum is valuable in K-12 education.

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Fri, 01.03.2024

Ghanian Love, Ghanaian Critique, Goldine Graham

Goldine Kweku Graham is a Ghanaian college student. In this segment, he shares the status of the Pan-African curriculum and a millennial viewpoint of how business and politics adversely affect Ghanaian progress.

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Fri, 01.09.2023

Education’s Importance, Will French

Will French is a college graduate and high school college preparedness assistant.  In this segment, he shares his views on classroom education for school-aged youth.

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Thu, 15.06.2023

LBGT Love, Pear McClintock

Pearl McClintock is a museum curator and library archives collections associate. In this segment, they share the love they have for and from their ‘Found Family.’

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Sat, 01.10.2022

My Advice and Motivation For Newspaper Journalism, Tracey Williams Dillard

Tracey Williams Dillard is a newspaper owner and publisher. In this segment, she shares her journalistic career advice for anyone interested in this vocation.

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Tue, 19.10.2021

My Childhood Memory Of Racism In Brazil, Juliana Ramos

Juliana Ramos is an Afro Brazilian public policy advocate. In this segment, she shares an uncomfortable racial episode in a shopping mall

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Tue, 03.08.2021

Career Aspirations, Advice to Deaf Students, and Learning Activities, Aubrey

Aubrey is a Middle School deaf student. In this segment, she shares what career she wants, her favorite activities, and advice to deaf youth to grow while in school

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Wed, 02.06.2021

Seinabo Sey, Singer born

*Seinabo Sey was born on this date in 1990. She is an Afro Swedish (Black Swede) singer. Seinabo Sey was born in Södermalm, Stockholm. She is of both Swedish and Gambian ancestry. At eight, she moved to Halmstad, Sweden, and attended Östergårdsskolans music program for musically gifted teenagers. Sey was inspired musically by artists such as Alicia Keys and Beyoncé early […]

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Wed, 02.06.2021

Amie Bramme Sey, Media Journalist born

*Amie Bramme Sey was born on this date in 1987. She is an Afro Swedish multi-media host and programmer. Ami-Miriam “Amie” Bramme Sey was born in Stockholm and grew up in Södermalm as the daughter of Maudo Sey and sister of the singers Seinabo Sey (half-sister) and Fatima Bramme Sey. She has studied at Södertörn […]

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

When Willie Mae went down to the barber shop to visit her boyfriend who cut hair there I went with her. Walking beside her on the street the men said... CHOOSING THE BLUES (for S. Brandi Barnes) by Angela Jackson.
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