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Tue, 19.10.2021

Childhood Memory of Racism in Brazil, Juliana Ramos

Juliana Ramos is an Afro Brazilian public policy advocate. In this segment, she shares an uncomfortable racial episode in a shopping mall

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Tue, 03.08.2021

Career Aspirations, Advice to Deaf Students, and Learning Activities, Aubrey

Aubrey is a Middle School deaf student. In this segment, she shares what career she wants, her favorite activities, and advice to deaf youth to grow while in school

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Sat, 10.04.2021

Career Aspirations as an Adult and Why, Rocky

Rocky, is a Middle School blind student with a precise opinion about life. In this segment, he shares what he wants as a career and why

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Wed, 12.06.2019

The “N” word in Brazil, Juliana Ramos

Public Policy advocate Juliana Ramos shares her views on Brazil’s cultural use and interpretation of the “N” word

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Fri, 25.01.2019

Brazil’s 5 official census color classifications explained, Juliana Ramos

Public Policy advocate Juliana Ramos shares her views on Brazil’s 5 census color classifications and where the Afro Brazilian intersectionality occurs and does not

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Tue, 04.09.2018

Latino American Connection With African America (a viewpoint), Steve Asencio

Teacher and education activist Steve Asencio shares some of his views on the latino american connection with african america through oppression

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Thu, 25.01.2018

Fake, Geek, Acting White (9th grade) Rayo Daniels

Rayo Daniels, (incoming HS freshman) talks about how bullying words like Fake, Acting White affect her school work

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Wed, 06.12.2017

My Kindergarten Class Experiences, Lyric Mychael

Young Lyric shares some first year of kindergarten experiences including her letters and numbers

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Wed, 06.12.2017

Black Love, Black Critique, (9th grade) Rayo Daniels

Rayo Daniels, shares her youthful views on what she enjoys and what she would change about the African American community

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Thu, 02.11.2017

Lesson Plan, Writing a Book

This is a 5 step video and work page lesson plan on writing ✍️ a book

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August, 'twas the twenty-fifth, Seventeen houndred forty-six, The Indians did in ambush lay, Some very valiant men to slay. 'Twas nigh unto Sam Dickinson's mill, The Indians there five men did kill. The names of... THE BARS FIGHT by Lucy Terry
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