Street team HD in HD

Street TeamĀ® HD in HD is part of a growing group of programs created for young people by young people. HD in HD is designed have youth share American history through a weekly challenge (soon to be featured on our daily newsletter every Friday). Mainly through High School and College youth; they reaserch the content and read it on camera to the world. 

HD in HD Benefits, Jon Gershberg


Street Team HD in HD

Jonathan's testimony above is about HD in HD (History Day in High Definition), he was a co-producer of this Street Team program. HD in HD is our year-round challenge program. Here youth research our content to ask an inquisitive question about African American heritage. This could be a location, episode or a person and they may not be African American. We use recorded segments in collaboration with schools or organizations for various prizes (from them) as incentive to take the challenge. The video are seen on our website along with the website of any of our community partners. The first person to have the correct answer is part of our community partners drawing for a gift card, membership, merchandise, etc.

Features: Learning as College, H.S. & Middle School youth on short videos asking a probing question about American Heritage in one of 12 subject/categories.

Advantages: Interactive education with acclaim for a completed assignment!

Benefits: HD&HD is a consistent educational opportunity. Youth stimulate Registry visitors to improve their reading and research skills. This is done through a vast interest area and their investigative abilities.

HD & HD Purpose: To have young people offer:

1. Daily access to information research,
2. Broader American stories to discover and learn from
3. Awards for competence and speed
4. Give youth a voice

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