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Tue, 04.03.1455

Pedro Niño, Navagator born

*The birth of Pedro Niño is celebrated on this date in c. 1455. He was a Black Spanish navigator and explorer. Pedro Alonso Niño was born in Moguer, Spain he was of mixed heritage of African and Spaniard. He was known as El Negro and his father was one of the sailors Captured from Elmina. According […]

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Tue, 01.06.1503

Estevanico, 16th century Black Explorer born

*The birth of Estevanico is celebrated on this date in c 1503.  Estevanico was a Black North African interpreter with Spain’s exploration of the Americas.  He was a native of Azamor on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.  In Spain prior to 1527, he was baptized as a Catholic and became the slave of Andrés Dorantes […]

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Sat, 10.21.1600

Double Dutch Jumprope, a brief history

An outline of Double Dutch is celebrated on this date’s Registry. Double Dutch is historically a jump rope game played originally by Black children (mainly girls) in rural and urban areas in America.

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Wed, 03.04.1750

Jean Du Sable, Explorer who founded Chicago

On this date Chicago celebrates DuSable Day, the 1750 birth of Jean-Baptist-Point Du Sable. He was a Black pioneer, trader, and founder of the settlement that later became the city of Chicago.

Du Sable was from St. Marc, Sainte-Domingue [now Haiti]. His French father had moved there and married a Black woman. DuSable is believed to have been a freeborn. Around the 1770s, he went to the Great Lakes area of North America, settling on the shore of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Chicago River, with his Potawatomi wife, Kittihawa (Catherine).

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Fri, 08.05.1763

William Richmond, Boxing pioneer born

*William Richmond was born on this date in 1763. He was a Black boxer.

From (Cuckold’s Town) near, Richmond, VA, he moved to Staten Island, New York where he became a free black and the first black professional boxer in America. Richmond worked as a shipyard laborer and was noticed by a British commander named Hugh Percy on the docks having a fight with a dock sailor. Percy convinced Richmond’s parents to let him travel to England where he could establish a better life. Richmond became a cabinetmaker, and took up boxing for self-defense.

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Mon, 11.12.1770

York, a Black Explorer with the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The birth of York in 1770 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black slave and explorer.

York was born in Caroline County, Virginia. He lived near the county’s York River where as a child he ran basically naked and barefoot most of the year. His diet would have been high in starch and low in protein. He lived in a cabin surrounded by a dirt yard.

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Tue, 03.23.1784

Tom Molineaux was a Boxing pioneer

Tom Molineaux, a Black boxer was born on this date in 1784.

Born a slave in Georgetown, Virginia, he began boxing other slaves while plantation owners wagered on the bouts. Finally after defeating a man from another plantation, he was given his freedom and $500.

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Fri, 07.29.1785

Jean Louis, a Fencing legend

*The birth of Jean Louis in 1785 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black French fencer and teacher.

From Haiti, Louis was arguably the finest fencer who ever lived. In his youth, Jean Louis took part in a winner take all tournament to the death. In the final Jean-Louis, a short, around 5′ 2″, dueled for 1 hour with a Spanish opponent who was 6 ft tall. Then as the Spaniard lost concentration Jean-Louis finished him. Louis served as a soldier in the French army under Napoleon.

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Thu, 04.26.1798

James P. Beckwourth, Explorer born

James Pierson Beckwourth was born on this date in 1798. He was a Black explorer who played a major role in the early discovery and settlement of the American West.

James Beckwourth was born in 1798 in Frederick County, Virginia to an African American slave mother and English father, Sir Jennings Beckwourth. Beckwourth’s family moved to Missouri in the early 1800’s, and he was apprenticed to a Blacksmith in St. Louis when he was a young man. In the summer of 1824 he signed on with General William Ashley for a trapping expedition to the Rocky Mountains.

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Fri, 08.20.1802

George Bonga, Interpreter and Trapper born

On this date we celebrate the birth of George Bonga in 1802. He was a Black fur trader and trapper.

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Thu, 01.24.1805

Allen Light, Black Mariner born

*The birth of Allen Light in 1805 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black sea mariner.

Born in Philadelphia he arrived in Santa Barbara, CA about 1830. Light hunted sea otters, gained Mexican citizenship and guarded the California coastline against American and Native American poachers. In part because of heavily depleted otter populations, the Mexican government instituted conservation laws in 1830 and prohibited foreigners from both hunting otters and participating in all coastal trade in Alta California.

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Mon, 10.28.1850

Johanna July, Cowgirl born

*The birth of Johanna July is celebrated on this date in 1850.   She was a Black Seminole cowgirl.  From northern Mexico, July was the daughter of a Seminole Native American and a Black African slave.   Her family had left Florida and settled in northern Mexico after the Seminole War ended in 1842.  Around 1871 they […]

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Sun, 03.20.1853

George Godfrey, Boxing pioneer born

*George Godfrey was born on this date in 1853. He was a Black Canadian boxer.

From the Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) neighborhood known as “The Bog” he left P.E.I. in his youth and worked as a porter in Boston, Massachusetts. It was there that he started training to box at Professor Bailey’s Hub City gym. At age 26, Godfrey began fighting competitively in the bare knuckles tour.

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Sat, 06.10.1854

Phillip “Daddy” Reid, Businessman born

*Phillip “Daddy” Reid was born on this date in 1854.  He was a Black businessman, baseball administrator, and manager. Phillip Edward Reid was from in Frankfort, Kentucky. Not much is known about his childhood other than he grew up in a slave-holding state and would have been very young at the end of the American […]

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Wed, 06.14.1854

Nat Love, Cowboy born

*The birth of Nat Love in 1854 is celebrated on this date. He was an African American Pullman porter, and cowboy.

Born on his master’s plantation in Davidson County in Tennessee, Love was raised out of an old log cabin. His master Robert Love, an extensive planter and the owner of many slaves owned his father and mother. Love’s father was a foreman of the slaves on the plantation, and his mother worked the kitchen at the master’s big house waiting tables, milking the cows, running the loom and weaving clothing for the other slaves.

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