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Thu, 02.27.2020

African Diaspora, a definition

*On this date from 900 AD, the African Diaspora is briefly defined.  The African Diaspora is of the worldwide demographic of communities descended from native sub-Saharan Africans or people from Sub-Saharan Africa, primarily in the Americas. Historically, ethnographers, historians, politicians and writers have used the term particularly to refer to the “Middle Passage” descendants of the West and Central Africans.   These people were enslaved and shipped to the Americas […]

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Sun, 10.01.1200

The Yoruba People

*On this date from 1200 the Yoruba people are briefly affirmed.  They are an African ethnic group that lives in western Africa.   October 1st was chosen to coincide the article with Nigeria’s independence. Documented since 1200, the Yoruba are mainly Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and Benin. The Yoruba constitute about 44 million people in total. The vast majority of this population is from Nigeria, where the Yoruba make […]

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Tue, 01.26.1300

African history in India, a brief history

*Republic Day in India is on this date from 1950. Many people throughout this country celebrate and affirm when India’s constitution came into force completing the country’s transition toward becoming an independent republic.

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Thu, 04.22.1441

Goree Island, home of “The Door of No Return.”

The date remembers Goree Island. This land mass played an important part in the early days of African American history. Goree Island is a small 45-acre island located off the coast of Senegal. Goree Island was developed as a center of the expanding European slave trade.

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Wed, 12.01.1441

Black history in Europe, a short story

*African (Black) history in Europe from 1400 is briefly recalled on this dates Registry.

To address the story of black people in Europe, certainly addresses the history of slavery and the history of European colonialism. The relationship between the two continents began with mutual respect and curiosity. For the last 600 years Africans, African Americans, African-Europeans, Europeans, and European-Americans are still paying for the results. The history begins, as so much in the modern world, with the business expansion of European culture.

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Thu, 06.07.1494

Treaty of Tordesillasor signed

*The Treaty of Tordesillasor Tratado de Tordesilhas was signed on this date in 1494.  It was signed in at Tordesillas Spain and authenticated at Setubal, Portugal and showed the 15thcentury intersectionality between Africa and European slavery. The treaty divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe between the Portuguese Empire and the Crown of Castile, along a meridian 370 leagueswest of the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of […]

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Tue, 03.13.1500

Bahia, a source point for Africa in the Americas

*The state of Bahia in Brazil from 1500 is remembered on this date. This is a former Portuguese/African slave region.

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Thu, 11.01.1500

African Americans & Native Americans share a rich history

*From the beginning of U. S. history, American Native populations and Africans had a historical relationship of both cooperation and confrontation.

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Mon, 11.19.1500

Chattel Slavery in America, a definition

*On this date we affirm the institution of Chattel Slavery in the United States of America.  This episode was instituted in Puerto Rico and Florida in circa 1500 by Spain.   Ponce de Leon, Don Hernan Cortez, Columbus and others brokered kidnapped Africans from Africa to support the Middle Passage to what became the United States.  Defined a chattel slave is an enslaved […]

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Sat, 03.16.1518

The Asiento slave system begins

*On this date in 1518, we recall the Asiento system.  This was the African slave selling license issued by the Portuguese and Spanish crown allowing merchants the monopoly on a trade route or merchandise.   Portugal owned the trading post that held Black people, Spain arranged the routing and distribution of them through their control of the Caribbean.  The first asiento for selling slaves was […]

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Wed, 09.08.1565

St. Augustine, Florida founded

*On this date in 1565, St. Augustine, Florida was founded with the first arrival of black African slaves to North America. On that date Spaniard Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles came ashore and named a stretch of land near the inlet in honor of Augustine, a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Sun, 05.14.1600

Canadian history and the Middle Passage

*Canadian Slavery of African’s is affirmed on this date circa 1600. The registered baptism of Olivier Le Jeune occurred on this date in 1633 in Quebec.

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Fri, 09.29.1600

Canadian Black History, a story

*A brief article on Black Canadian history before America’s Civil Rights movement is recognized on this date.

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Tue, 01.03.1606

First Black birth recorded in America

*On this date in 1606, the first recorded birth of a child of African decent in the continental United States occurred. This was is in the Cathedral Parish Archives in St. Augustine, Florida, thirteen years before enslaved Africans were first brought to the English colony at Jamestown in 1619.

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Mon, 04.10.1606

First Families of Virginia, a brief story

*Virginia, the first of America’s 13 colonies was chartered on this date in 1606.  This article briefly describes the settlers, self-described as the First Families of Virginia (FFV).   These were white-American planters and slave holders in Colonial Virginia who were socially prominent and wealthy.  Though Sir Walter Raleigh did not settle there, other families descended from England and settled at Jamestown, Williamsburg, The […]

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