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Tue, 06.13.1600

The Banjo’s African and African American Heritage

*The Banjo’s African American Heritage is celebrated on this dates Registry. Since Caribbean Blacks created the banjo in the 17th century and carried it to North America in the 18th century, the banjo has been part of African American heritage. An African New World combination of European and African elements, early banjos resembled plucked full spike folk lutes like the akonting of Gambia, Senegal, and Guinea-Bissau and the bunchundo of Gambia and Guinea-Bissau.

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Sat, 12.25.1745

Saint George Boulogne, Renaissance man

Joseph Boulogne “Chevalier de Saint-Georges” was born on Christmas Day, 1745. He was an African French classical music conductor, composer, musician, and military officer.

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Sun, 10.11.1778

George P. Bridgetower, Black Polish musician born

The birth of George Polgreen Bridgetower in 1778 is celebrated on this date. He was an Black Polish classical violinist.

His father was an African prince who married a white European woman, Mary Ann Bridgetower. They had two sons who both became musicians. George’s younger brother Fredrick was a cellist. George played in the Prince’s band at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, for 14 years. During that time, he became a talented 9-year-old violin prodigy.

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Sat, 06.16.1792

Frank (Francis) Johnson, a first for Black music

Frank Johnson was born on this date in 1792. He was a Black musician, band leader, and composer.

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Sun, 07.13.1817

Excellent voice, Elizabeth T. Greenfield

On this date, Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield was born in 1817. She was a Black singer whose exceptional voice made her a popular performer in Great Britain.

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Fri, 11.28.1817

Congo Square, the soul of New Orleans

Congo Square is celebrated on this date’s Registry from 1817. It is the informal name for an open area in the southern corner of Louis Armstrong Memorial Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Mon, 05.10.1819

Justin Holland pioneered 19th century classic guitar

The birth of Justin Holland in 1819 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black classical musician.

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Fri, 05.08.1829

Louis Gottschailk, pianist born

*Louis Gottschalk was born on this date in 1829. He was an white american classical pianist and educator.

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Wed, 04.21.1830

The Yellow Rose of Texas, a history

This date in 1830 marks the commemoration of the song The Yellow Rose of Texas. On this date annually, the Knights of the Yellow Rose of Texas at San Jacinto TX celebrate the song and its history.

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Thu, 08.20.1835

Jazz music, an African American art form

On this date, we focus on Jazz Music in America and the Black culture’s role in creating and influence its existence.

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Mon, 07.11.1836

Afro-Brazilian composer, Antonio C. Gomes

Antonio Carlos Gomes was born on this date in 1836. He was an African Brazilian composer, one of the most distinguished 19th century operatic composers in the world.

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Thu, 10.29.1846

George W. Johnson born

The birth of George Washington Johnson in 1846 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black singer and musician, and a pioneer in American recorded music.

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Fri, 05.25.1849

“Blind Tom” Wiggins, amazing musician and composer

Blind Tom Wiggins, an African American composer and pianist, was born on this date in 1849.

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Sun, 10.22.1854

Composer James Bland born

This date marks the birth of James A. Bland in 1854. He was a Black entertainer and composer, born in Flushing, New York.

Bland was one of the best-known black composers for the theatrical entertainment called the minstrel show. He was educated in Washington, D.C., where he graduated from Howard University in 1873. He went on to become a performer in minstrel shows, achieving his greatest success in Britain between 1882 and 1901.

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Tue, 05.17.1864

“Blind” Boone, a musical prodigy

John William “Blind” Boone was born on this date in 1864. He was an African American musician.

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