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Sun, 09.15.1799

Nancy Prince, Abolitionist Writer born

*Nancy Prince was born on this date in 1799.  She was a Black abolitionist and writer.   Nancy Gardner Prince was born free in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  Her father Thomas Gardner was a wailer.  Little is known about Prince’s family life. Her father, a seaman died when she was an infant, leaving her in the care of […]

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Thu, 02.11.1802

Lydia Child, Writer born

*Lydia Maria Francis Child was born on this date in 1802. She was a White American abolitionist writer.

From Medford, Massachusetts, Child began to write popular historical novels in her twenties. In 1826 she established a periodical for children called Juvenile Miscellany and her book, The Frugal Housewife 1829, was particularly popular. After hearing William Lloyd Garrison speak at a public meeting in 1831, Child began her involvement in the campaign against slavery. This included her book An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans 1833.

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Sat, 07.24.1802

Alexandre Dumas, Writer born

Alexandre Dumas was born on this date in 1802. He was a Black French man who was one of the more prolific writers in the 19th century theater world.

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Wed, 02.20.1805

Angelina Emily Grimké born

*Angelina Emily Grimké was born on this date in 1805.  She was a white-American political activist, women’s rights advocate, and supporter of the women’s suffrage movement. She and her sister Sarah Moore Grimké became abolitionists.  While raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Angelina and her sister spent their entire adult lives in the North.  Between 1835, Angelina Grimke greatest fame worked with William Lloyd Garrison who published a letter of […]

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Mon, 07.29.1805

Alexis de Tocqueville, French Investigative Writer born

Alexis de Tocqueville was born this date in 1805. He was a White French journalist and abolitionist writer.

He was born in Paris to Herve-Bonaventure Clerel de Tocqueville and Louise Le Peletier de Rosanbo. His older brothers were named Hippolyte and Edouard. Tocqueville came from an aristocratic background. He had a private tutor, the abbe Lesueur, until high school, and then attended high school and college in Metz. He studied law in Paris and worked as a substitute judge in Versailles before coming to America in 1831, when he was 25 years old.

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Fri, 07.10.1807

Solomon Northup born

*Solomon Northup was born on this date in 1807. He was a Black musician, abolitionist and author. Born in Rhode Island, he was taken with the Northup’s when they moved to Hoosick, New York, in Rensselaer County.   His father Mintus was a freedman who had been a slave in his early life in service […]

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Sat, 04.21.1810

Armand Lanusse, Poet born

*The birth of Armand Lanusse is celebrated on this date in 1810.  He was an Afro-Creole educator and poet.  He was born in New Orleans as a free man of color. He lived his entire life in that city.  Due to majority-European ancestry, Lanusse could have passed as white, but he embraced his Black ancestry. […]

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Sat, 03.13.1813

Author of Freedom, Harriet Jacobs

*This date celebrates the birth of Harriet Jacobs in 1813. She was an Black abolitionist and author.

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Wed, 05.10.1815

Henry Bibb, Author born

This date marks the birth of Henry Bibb in 1815. He was a Black author, editor, abolitionist, and advocate of emigration from the United States.

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Thu, 01.15.1818

Elizabeth Keckley, Author, Abolitionist born

On this date we remember the birth of Elizabeth Keckley in 1818. She was a Black domestic, author, and abolitionist.

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Fri, 08.11.1820

Ann Plato, Author and Educator born

*The birth of Ann Plato around 1820 is celebrated on this date. She was a nineteenth century Black educator and author.

Plato was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Like many Blacks that lived in America during this time, there is very little information recorded about her. Most of what is known about Plato comes from the introduction in her book that was written by Reverend W.C. Pennington, pastor of the Colored Congregational Church of Hartford, who also called her “Platoess”.

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Wed, 04.10.1822

James Whitfield, Poet born

*James Whitfield was born on this date in 1822.  He was a Black poet, abolitionist, and political activist.   James Monroe Whitfield was born in Exeter, New Hampshire to Nancy (Paul) of Exeter and Joseph Whitfield, who escaped enslavement in Virginia.  Through his mother, James was the nephew of Rev. Thomas Paul of the African Meeting House in Boston, and Jude Hall, veteran of the Revolutionary War.  The […]

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Tue, 03.15.1825

Author Harriet Wilson born

*Harriet Wilson was born on this date in1825. She was a Black slave and author.

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Sat, 09.24.1825

Frances E. Watkins Harper, Poet, and Abolitionist born

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born on this date in 1825. She was a Black poet, writer, and lecturer, as well as an anti-slavery, women’s rights, and temperance activist.

Harper was from Baltimore, MD., where she attended Baltimore’s Academy for Negro Youth school. There she studied Greek, Latin, and the Bible. Writing poetry as a teenager, she started her career as a writer in 1845 by publishing the poetry collection, “Forest Leaves.”

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Tue, 10.11.1825

Maria Firmina dos Reis, Afro Brazilian Writer born

*Maria Firmina dos Reis was born on this date in 1825.  She was an Afro Brazilian teacher, author and abolitionist.    Maria Firmina dos Reis was born in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil. “At age five, her mother and relatives moved to Viamão where she attended school. In 1847, due to outstanding performance, she won a […]

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