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Thu, 24.09.2009

THE DEVILS MUSIC IN HELL (for Billie Holiday) by Julius E. Thompson.

Ethel Waters sleeps in the stable
Looking up at the moon and the stars-
It’s a bright night in Lexington, Kentucky,-
But the Colored Folks in town will not
Rent a room to a girl who’s in
A carnival for entertainment tonight.

-And so Ethel is looking way-up again,
there by the side of the Milky Way,
she sings the St. Louis Blues for Jim…..

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Thu, 24.09.2009

SONG OF INNOCENCE by Julius E. Thompson.

O Africa, know thou not my call?
Know thy rivers not my love?
Claim thy mountains not my heart?

O Africa! Homeland of my own!
I come with my heart afire;
I come with a soul in search of light!

O Africa! Hear a voice in search of hope,
Welcome home a brother lost;
Receive a heart of melody.

O Africa! Knows thou not my plight?
For all sight, I seek a light in thee!
O Africa! My Africa! Know thou not my flight?
Reclaim my heart and soul on sight!!!

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