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Sat, 05.06.2021

Roy McBride, Poet born

*Roy McBride was born on this date in 1943. He was a Black teacher, writer, community activist, and poet/spoken word artist. Roy Chester McBride was from Magnolia, Arkansas, and was the firstborn of Roger and Lacinea McBride, McBride fell in love with books and reciting words as a child. The Arkansas native moved to the […]

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Fri, 04.06.2021

Adolf Gustaf Badin, Royal Servant born

*The birth of Adolf Gustaf Badin is celebrated on this date c1750. He was an Afro Swedish court servant and chronicler. He was born in Africa or the Danish island Saint Croix and enslaved at birth. He said that the only thing he remembered about his past was his parents’ hut burning. It is known […]

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Thu, 03.06.2021

Why More Literature and Art Would Enhance E-12 Curriculum, Daren Hill

Daren Hill is an artist, visual explorer, and art entrepreneur. In this segment, he shares his reasoning for wanting more literature and art in E-12 classrooms

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Sun, 30.05.2021

Lari Gilges, Black German Actor born

*Lari Gilges was born on this date in 1909. He was a Black German actor and communist. Born Hilarius Gilges in Düsseldorf, Germany, he was one of the few Black Germans born in the country before the First World War. His mother Maria Stüttgen was a white textile worker in Düsseldorf; the origin of his […]

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Sat, 22.05.2021

Percival Borde, Choreographer born

*Percival Borde was born on this date in 1922. He was an Afro Caribbean dancer-choreographer educator and scholar. From the Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago, Percival Sebastian Borde was the son of veterinarian George Paul Borde and Augustine Francis Lambie. He was raised in Trinidad and attended school at the Queen Royal College. In his […]

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Wed, 19.05.2021

Bel Abbey, Koasati Storyteller born

*Bel Abbey was born on this date on this date in 1916. He was a Black Native American Coushatta Indian Blowgun Maker, Wood Carver, herbalist, and Koasati Storyteller. Abbey was from a Koasati settlement five miles north of Elton, Louisiana. Abbey was in the last generation to be raised in the traditional Koasati social and […]

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Tue, 11.05.2021

The First Performance of Othello Takes Place

*The Tragedy of Othello was first performed on this date in 1604. This is one of the first stage classics featuring a Black lead character. Termed the Moor of Venice, more commonly known simply as Othello, it is a tragedy by William Shakespeare written around 1603. The first performance took place at Whitehall Palace with Shakespeare’s friend […]

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Sun, 09.05.2021

Delroy Lindo, Actor born

*Delroy Lindo was born on this date in 1952. He is a Black British-American actor. Delroy George Lindo was born in Lewisham, southeast London, the son of Jamaican parents who had immigrated to the United Kingdom. Lindo grew up in nearby Eltham and became interested in acting like a child when he appeared in a […]

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Sun, 09.05.2021

Willard Wigan, Micro Artist born

*The birth of Willard Wigan is celebrated on this date in 1957. He is a Black British micro-artist and sculptor.  From Wolverhampton, England, as a child, he had dyslexia and Asperger syndrome, neither of which were diagnosed until adulthood. Wigan was ridiculed in a class by his primary school teachers for not learning to read. […]

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Sun, 09.05.2021

Susie Edwards, Vaudeville Actress born

*The birth of Susie Edwards is celebrated on this date in 1894. She was a vaudeville singer. From Pensacola, Florida, as a young blues singer and actress Susie Hawthornes met singer-dancer Jodie “Butterbeans” Edwards in the Black touring revue “The Smart Set.” She married Jody Edwards during a show in 1917 when a publicity agent offered them […]

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New Poem Each Day

Poetry Corner

There is music in me, the music of a peasant people. I wander through the levee, picking my banjo and singing my songs of the cabin and the field. At last... THE BANJO PLAYER by Fenton Johnson.
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