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Mon, 03.28.1842

William Carney, a military pioneer

*William Carney was born on this date in 1842. He was a Black military officer.

From Norfolk, Virginia, his mother was held in captivity with her free husband at the time of his birth. During Carney’s early childhood, he received some schooling by a minister in secret. After the death of his mother’s master in 1856, the entire family moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts. There on the wharf as a teenager William H. Carney assisted his father who joined many other freed Blacks who worked at sea.

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Thu, 03.28.1878

Arthur Spingarn, an ally of African America

*On this date in 1878 Arthur Spingarn was born. He was an Jewish American historian, lawyer and activist.

From New York City, in 1897 he was the younger brother of Joel Spingarn and received his A.B. degree from Columbia University in New York. In 1899, he received a M.A. from Columbia University, in 1900 his LL.B., from Columbia University and practiced law until the 1960s in New York. From 1917-1919, he was a Captain in the Sanitation Corps, American Expeditionary Force, United States Army. In 1919, he married Marion Meyer.

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Tue, 03.28.1882

Lubricator Cup patented

*On this date in 1882, Black inventor Elijah McCoy patented the Lubricator Cup. The devise dripped small amounts of oil onto moving engine parts, saving businesses time and money.

It was used with steam engines. A hollow tube projected down from the bottom of the cup into a steam chamber. There was a valve at the top end of the tube and a piston at the lower end. Steam in the cylinder activated the piston, releasing the oil. A year later, McCoy improved on his original model so that oil was released only when there was no longer steam in the chamber.

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Wed, 03.28.1900

Britain ask the Ashanti tribe for the “Golden Stool”

*On this date in 1900, Britain asked the Ashanti of Ghana for the Golden Stool.

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Sat, 03.28.1925

Ed Wilson specialized in metal sculptor

*This date marks the birth of Ed Wilson in 1925. An African American sculptor, he was known for figurative works that are typically created in metal.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Wilson became interested in art as a child while recovering from rheumatic fever. After serving in the United States Army from 1943 to 1946, he studied painting at the University of Iowa but eventually switched his focus to sculpture. After earning his M.A. degree from the University of Iowa in 1953, Wilson taught at North Carolina College (now North Carolina Central College) in Durham.

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Wed, 03.28.1934

Jubilee Gospel, the Golden Gate Quartet

*This date celebrates the formation of the Golden Gate Quartet in 1934. They were one of the early Gospel singing groups in Black America.

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Tue, 03.28.1939

Harlem Ren’s win World Championship

*On this date in 1939, the “Harlem Rens” became the first all Black pro basketball team to win a World Championship.

Harlem Renaissance Big Five, one of the most successful all-Black professional basketball teams in the 1920s and 1930s, added grace and style to the game of American basketball. Robert L. Douglass who was a native of the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and a former professional basketball player with the New York Spartans created the Harlem Renaissance Big Five team in 1922.

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Tue, 03.28.1972

Soledad brothers acquitted

*The two surviving Soledad Brothers were acquitted on this date in 1972. An all-white jury cleared Fleeta Dumgo and John Cluchette of murder charges.

They had been charged with killing a white guard at Soledad Prison in 1970. The third Soledad Brother, George Jackson, was killed in the August 1971 alleged escape attempt.

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Sun, 03.28.2004

Condoleezza Rice says “NO” to testimony

*On this date in 2004 National security adviser Condoleezza Rice said she will not testify publicly in front of the independent September 11th commission. Rice continued a vigorous defense of her actions in every other public forum over the issue. The Sept. 11 commission is one where she would be questioned about the Bush administrations failure to prevent the terrorist attacks before 9/11/2001.

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