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Wed, 02.25.1824

The American Baptist Home Mission Society is Founded

*On this date, in 1824, The American Baptist Home Mission Society was founded.  This Christian missionary society was founded during the Antebellum South era of America. Its main predecessor, the Home Mission Society, was established in New York City in 1832 to operate in the American frontier, with the stated mission “to preach the Gospel, establish churches and give support and ministry to the unchurched and destitute.” In the 19th century, […]

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Sat, 02.25.1826

Alexander G. Clark, Iowa Lawyer born

*Alexander G. Clark was born on this date in 1826. He was a Black laborer, barber, lawyer and activist.

He was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, to John Clark, a former slave, and Rebecca Darnes Clark. At 13, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, to learn barbering from an uncle, who also made sure the boy was well-schooled in other areas. Clark left Cincinnati in October 1841, working for a few months as a bartender on the steamboat George Washington before arriving, at 16, in Muscatine (then called Bloomington, in Iowa Territory). It was May 22, 1842.

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Thu, 02.25.1869

Wheat Street Baptist Church is Formed

*Wheat Street Baptist Church is celebrated on this date in 1869. This is a historic black Baptist church in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. The church was founded by members of First Baptist Church in Atlanta (now known as Friendship Baptist Church) who wanted a place of worship closer to where they lived. […]

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Thu, 02.25.1869

Frank Leland, Baseball Player, Coach, Manager, and Owner born

*The birth of Frank Leland is celebrated on this date in 1869. He was a Black baseball player, field manager, and club owner in the Negro Leagues. Frank C. Leland was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, graduating in 1886. He began his professional baseball career with the Washington Capital Cities in […]

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Fri, 02.25.1870

Boogie Woogie Music, and Black History, a story

*Boogie-Woogie music and Black History are celebrated on this date in 1870.  This blues music genre was developed in American Black communities in the 1870s and became popular during the late 1920s. It was eventually extended from piano-to-piano duo and trio, guitar, big band, country and western music, and gospel. While standard blues traditionally expresses various […]

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Fri, 02.25.1881

James and Ethel Beck, Educators born

*The lives of James Garfield Beck and Ethel Benson Beck from 1881 are celebrated on this date. They were African American educators and entrepreneurs.

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Sun, 02.25.1894

William Hansberry, Educator born

*William Hansberry was born on this date in 1894. He was an African American educator and scholar.

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Mon, 02.25.1895

George Schuyler, Journalist born

*On this date, in 1895, George Schuyler was born.  He was a Black author, journalist, and conservative social commentator after he had supported socialism.   George Samuel Schuyler was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to George Francis Schuyler, a chef, and Eliza Jane Schuyler.  Schuyler’s paternal great-grandfather was believed to be a black soldier working for General Philip […]

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Tue, 02.25.1896

Ida Cox, Blues Singer born

*On this date in 1896, Ida Cox was born. She was an African American blues singer.

Cox was born Ida Prather in Toccoa, Georgia. Like some of her contemporaries, she left home at an early age and worked the Southern tent show and vaudeville circuit as a comedienne and singer. She spent some time with pianist Jelly Roll Morton before signing a recording contract with Paramount in 1923. Paramount billed her as the Uncrowned Queen of the Blues, though her singing style was as much influenced by vaudeville as by the blues.

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Tue, 02.25.1896

Albany State University is Founded

*This date celebrates the founding of Albany State University in 1903. It is one of over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America.

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Wed, 02.25.1914

James Cameron, Holocaust Museum Founder born

*James Cameron was born on this date in 1914. He was an African American brewing worker, activist and founder of America’s Black Holocaust Museum.

From LaCrosse, Wisconsin he was the son of James Herbert Cameron and Vera Carter. After his father left the family they moved to Birmingham, Alabama, then to Kokomo, Indiana. When his mother remarried, the family resettled in Marion, Indiana. Young Cameron attended DaPayne School through the 8th grade where he was given the name “Apples” because he carried apples in his pockets for lunch.

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Sat, 02.25.1922

Wendell Cotton, Orthodontist born

*On this date in 1922, Wendell Cotton was born. He was an African American dentist and community activist and the first black Orthodontist to open a private practice west of the Mississippi River.

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Sat, 02.25.1928

A. L. Higginbotham, Judge, Educator, and Activist born

*On this date in 1928, A. L. Higginbotham Jr. was born. He was an African American federal judge, scholar, and civil rights advocate.

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Sat, 02.25.1928

Alvin Hollingsworth, Comic Artist born

*Alvin Hollingsworth was born on this date in 1928. He was a Black painting artist and one of the first Black artists published in comic books. Alvin Carl Hollingsworth was born in Harlem, New York, to West Indian parents and began drawing at age 4. By 12, he was an art assistant on Holyoke Publishing’s Cat-Man Comics. He […]

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Wed, 02.25.1931

Clarence Avant, Music Executive and Entrepreneur born

*Clarence Avant was born on this date in 1931. He was a Black music executive, entrepreneur, and film producer. Clarence Alexander Avant was born in Climax, North Carolina; he was the oldest of eight children. He attended a one-room school in Greensboro, NC, until the ninth grade. He spent his freshman and second years at […]

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