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Wed, 03.21.1810

Cow Tom, Interpreter born

*The birth of Cow Tom is celebrated on this date in 1810.  He was a Black Creek Native American interpreter.  He was born a slave in Alabama to the Muskogee leader Yargee of the Upper Creeks.  As a young man, Tom was known to tend to the cattle of Chief Yargee; thus, the name Cow […]

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Wed, 03.21.1810

David Ruggles, Abolitionist, and Writer born

*The birth of David Ruggles in 1810 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black abolitionist, protest leader and writer.

From Norwich, Connecticut, Ruggles moved to New York City at age 17, where he began working in a series of small businesses. Reasonably successful his primary work in life, however, was abolition of slavery. One of the most radical men of his times, Ruggles advocated self reliance, and felt that those “who would be free, themselves must strike the first blow.” He dedicated himself to helping anyone who wished to do this.

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Fri, 03.21.1828

Frank Webb, Author, and Poet born

*Frank Webb was born on this date in 1828. He was a Black novelist, poet, and essayist. Francis Johnson Webb was born in Philadelphia. He was the fifth and youngest child of Francis Webb and Louisa Burr Webb. Webb had one brother, John, and three sisters, Elizabeth, Ann, and Mary. His parents and older siblings […]

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Sun, 03.21.1847

James Storum, Educator born

*On this date in 1847, James Storum was born. He was a Black educator and Professor.  From Buffalo, New York, his mother Mary Canady was from Sussex County, his grandfather Charles Storum was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Storum’s mother was a woman deeply religious, and full of energy and enterprise. At age thirteen, […]

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Fri, 03.21.1856

Henry O. Flipper, Military Officer born

*This date marks the birth of Henry Ossian Flipper who was the first Black man to graduate from West Point. He came from a family of slaves, born in Thomasville, GA.

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Sat, 03.21.1863

Journal of Resistance on a Georgia Plantation in 1838-1839 is Published

*On this date in 1863, the book Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838–1839 was published. This is an account by Fanny Kemble of the time spent on her husband’s plantation in Butler Island, Georgia. The account was not published until 1863 after her marriage had ended and the American Civil War had begun. According to PBS, she […]

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Tue, 03.21.1865

Anthony Overton, Businessman born

*The birth of Anthony Overton on this date in 1865 is celebrated on this date. He was an African American lawyer and businessman.

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Tue, 03.21.1882

Globe Support for Electric Lamp is Patented by a Black Man

*On this date in 1882, a Black man co-patented a globe supporter for electric lamps.   Lewis Latimer and J. Tregoning received credit for their work.  The patent number is #255,212.

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Fri, 03.21.1902

Son House, Blues Musician born

*On this date in 1902, Son House was born. He was a Black blues musician.

Born in Riverton, Mississippi on a Delta plantation, House was an African American blues guitarist and singer. Early on he took up with the church and actually became a Baptist pastor by the time he turned twenty. But he straddled the sacred and secular worlds, which led to troubles with women and alcohol. He had also discovered the power of the blues. After spending time in Louisiana in the early 1920s, House returned to the Delta in 1926 and learned how to play guitar.

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Tue, 03.21.1911

Edward Mazique, Physician born

*This date in 1911 marks the birth of Edward Mazique.  He was a Black doctor and pioneer in the medical community of Washington, D.C.  Edward Craig Mazique was a native of Natchez, Miss. He graduated from Natchez College before leaving Mississippi to pursue an undergraduate degree and graduated from Morehouse College in Georgia, later serving […]

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Mon, 03.21.1921

Harold Nicholas, Tap Dancer born

*On this date we recall the birth of Harold Nicholas in 1921. He was a Black dancer specializing in Tap.

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Fri, 03.21.1924

The Harlem Renaissance in America, a story

*On this date in 1924, we celebrate the dawn of the Harlem Renaissance.

It was on March 21st, 1924 that Charles Spurgeon Johnson held a meeting at the New York Civic Club. The dinner brought together Black writers, Black pundits and white writers and publishers. This event became a dress rehearsal for what would become the Harlem Renaissance.

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Fri, 03.21.1930

Otis Spann, Blues Musician born

*On this date in 1930, Otis Spann was born. He was an African American blues singer.

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Wed, 03.21.1934

Al Freeman Jr., Actor, and Teacher born

*Al Freeman Jr. was born on this date in 1934. He was a Black actor, writer and college (drama) professor.

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Sat, 03.21.1936

Solomon Burke, Singer, and Lyricist born

*Solomon Burke was born on this date in 1936.  He was a Black singer and songwriter.  From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his family was religious: he attended church services at the House of God for All People and sang gospel music throughout his childhood. His musical solo debut came with the church’s choir when he was nine, […]

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