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Mon, 07.03.1916

Robert N. Hyde II, Educator born

Robert N. Hyde II

*Robert Hyde was born on this date in 1916. He was a Black educator and administrator.

From Des Moines, Iowa, Robert N. Hyde II was the son of Branham and Stella Hyde; he also had a sister (Maxine Graham). A graduate of North High School in Des Moines, Hyde received his Bachelor of Science degree in philosophy from Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) in 1941 and his Master of Science in Education degree from Drake University in 1970.

He majored in the US Army during World War II and made the military his career until retiring in 1963. While serving his country in 1946, he married Mary Stallworth Hyde, and they had two sons, Robert and Eric. Hyde began a second career in the Des Moines Public School system in 1964 as an elementary school teacher at Elm Grove. In 1973, he was appointed principal at Casady School. At his retirement in 1988, he was the principal at Monroe-Rice School.

Hyde was passionate about education and teaching and was proud of his leadership roles as a classroom teacher, coordinator with Teacher Corps, and administrator. Another satisfaction and source of pride came from the beautiful roses in his garden.  Robert N. Hyde II died on February 23, 2014.

To Become a School Principal

To Become an Elementary School Teacher


Outside In
 African American History in Iowa 1838-2000
by Bill Silag, Susan-Koch Bridgford, Hal Chase
Copyright 2001
Published by the State Historical Society of Iowa
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The Hyde Family,
Eric Hyde (Son),
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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