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Thu, 08.20.1835

Jazz music, an African American Art Form

On this date, we focus on Jazz Music in America and the Black culture’s role in creating and influence its existence.

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Fri, 01.01.1836

Frederick Loudin Choral Conductor and Businessman born

*Frederick Loudin was born on this date in c.1836.  He was a Black vocalist and choral director.  Frederick Jeremiah Loudin was born to free parents in Charlestown, Ohio.  His family moved to rural Ohio from Burlington, VT to be farmers, but when they learned that, although they had made regular financial contributions to Hiram College, […]

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Sun, 01.17.1836

José White Lafitte, Classical Musician born

*José Silvestre White Lafitte was born on this date in 1836.  Also known as Joseph White, he was an Afro Cuban, French violinist and composer.   Born in in Matanzas, Cuba, his father Don Carlos White was Spanish, and his mother was Afro-Cuban.  After receiving early musical training from his father, who was an amateur violinist, […]

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Mon, 07.11.1836

Afro Brazilian Composer, Antonio C. Gomes

Antonio Carlos Gomes was born on this date in 1836. He was an African Brazilian composer, one of the most distinguished 19th century operatic composers in the world.

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Sat, 06.08.1839

Henry Hart, Musician born

*Henry Hart was born on this date in 1839.  He was a Black musician (Violinist).    Born in Frankfort, Kentucky. His father, Frederick Hart, was born in Boone County, Kentucky, and his mother, Judith Brown, in Frankfort.  In 1853 he left Frankfort and went to Cleveland. There he learned to play the violin and was […]

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Wed, 09.08.1841

Antonín Dvořák born

*Antonín Dvořák was born on this date in 1841.  He was a white-European Czech composer and advocate of American Black Spiritual Music. Antonín Leopold Dvořák was born in Nelahozeves, near Prague, in the Austrian Empire, and was the eldest son of František Dvořák and his wife, Anna, née Zdeňková.  František worked as an innkeeper, a professional player of […]

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Mon, 10.18.1841

Manuel Posadas, Composer, and Musician born

*Manuel Posadas was born on this date in 1841.  He was an Afro Argentinean violinist and composer.  From Buenos Aires, He was the older brother of Carlos Posadas, he was sent to study music in Europe with Belgian violinist Eugene Ysauye.  This came with the financial support of Bartolomé Mitre, the founder and publisher of […]

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Thu, 10.29.1846

George W. Johnson, Pioneer in Recorded Music born

The birth of George Washington Johnson in 1846 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black singer and musician, and a pioneer in American recorded music.

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Fri, 05.25.1849

“Blind Tom” Wiggins, Musician and Composer born

Blind Tom Wiggins, an African American composer and pianist, was born on this date in 1849.

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Tue, 02.04.1851

Ella Sheppard, an original Jubilee Singer

*Ella Sheppard was born on this date in 1851. She was a Black musician, vocalist, and educator.

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Thu, 06.10.1852

Jennie Jackson, Choral Singer born

*Jennie Jackson is celebrated on this date in 1852.  She was a Black singer and voice teacher. She was one of the original members of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, a cappella ensemble. Jennie Jackson was born in Kingston, Tennessee. Her grandfather was enslaved in the household of Andrew Jackson. Her parents were also enslaved, but she was raised […]

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Wed, 08.04.1852

Claudio Brindis de Salas, Musician born

*Claudio Brindis de Salas was born on this date in 1852.  He was an Afro Cuban violinist and double bass player.  Born in Havana, his father was the violinist and bandleader, Claudio Brindis de Salas. Young de Salas studied under his father, and maestros José Redondo and the Belgian José Van der Gutch (who lived […]

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Fri, 07.22.1853

Maggie Porter, Choral Singer born

*The birth of Maggie Porter is celebrated on this date in 1853. She was a first-generation-freed slave, teacher, and choral singer.   Maggie Porter was one of three daughters born in Lebanon, Tennessee to a slave family belonging to Henry Frazier. At the start of the American Civil War, Frazier moved to Nashville, taking Maggie’s family with […]

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Sun, 10.22.1854

Composer James Bland born

This date marks the birth of James A. Bland in 1854. He was a Black entertainer and composer, born in Flushing, New York.

Bland was one of the best-known black composers for the theatrical entertainment called the minstrel show. He was educated in Washington, D.C., where he graduated from Howard University in 1873. He went on to become a performer in minstrel shows, achieving his greatest success in Britain between 1882 and 1901.

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Thu, 05.03.1855

Josephine Leavell, Organist born

*Josephine Leavell was born on this date in 1855. She was an African American pianist, organist and music teacher.

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