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Mon, 04.04.1988

Social Change Organization Amer-I-can, is Formed

*The founding in 1988 of the organization Amer-I-Can is celebrated on this date.  Amer-I-can is composed of a non-profit organization, The Amer-I-can Foundation For Social Change and a for-profit organization The Amer-I-can Program, Inc.

National Football League Hall of Fame fullback, motion picture actor, and activist Jim Brown founded the Amer-I-Can Program, Inc.  This is an effective life management skills and human development program designed to help anyone regardless of race, age, religion, gender or socioeconomic conditions. It allows persons to experience success by providing them with the tools to overcome obstacles and achieve full potential. The Amer-I-Can Program emphasizes enriching self-esteem; achieving success through self-determination and producing an attitude change from "I-CAN'T to I-CAN."

In 1993, the Amer-I-Can Foundation For Social Change was incorporated as a non-profit organization for the purpose of expanding Amer-I-Can services to communities and individuals that would otherwise be unavailable because of financial hardship. The need for the Foundation became clear when, in 1992, Amer-I-Can facilitators initiated a truce between enemy gangs in Watts, California.

The Foundation provides resources to continue this change to bring about peace and social transformation. The Amer-I-Can Program is a 60 to 90 hour, 15 chapter, Life Management Skills curriculum that is designed to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and achieve their full potential.

The objective of the program is to cause one to examine their past conditioned behavior patters and to systematically apply proven methods to overcome behavior that negatively influenced their lives. The beauty of The Amer-I-Can Program is that it is applicable to all people as it transcends race, age, gender, religion and socioeconomic status. It is my belief that the teaching and sharing of the program concepts, related to individual self-esteem, can significantly impact the problems our society disregards, contending that it is never too late to attain a full, meaningful life.


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