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Sun, 06.19.1988

America’s Black Holocaust Museum (Milwaukee, WI.) Opens

On this date in 1988, America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM) opened.  Located in Milwaukee, WI.   James Cameron is the founder of the museum. It exists to educate the public about injustices suffered by people of African heritage in America.

ABHM provides visitors with an opportunity to rethink their assumptions about race and racism.  ABHM’s educational focus serves as a center for education related to the Black Holocaust and as a non-threatening forum for sharing thoughts about race and racism in America.

Exposing visitors to historical aspects of African American cultural identity is achieved through educational exhibits, special programming, and guided tours related to six distinct historic eras:
1. Before Captivity in Africa,
2. The Middle Passage,
3. Slavery in the Americas,
4. Reconstruction,
5. Civil Rights, and
6. Modern Day Injustices

America’s Black Holocaust Museum welcomes visitors of all races and backgrounds and encourages “community” understanding of the nation’s history of racism, prejudice, social change, and cross-cultural understanding.


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