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Thu, 04.01.1937

Baseballs Negro American League is Formed

*This date in 1937 celebrates the founding of the Negro American League.  This was one of the several Negro Baseball Leagues created when organized white-American baseball was segregated.  

From 1939 through 1942 and 1944 through 1947, the team in first place at the end of the season was declared the Pennant winner. Due to the unorthodox nature of the schedule (and little incentive to enforce it), some teams frequently played many more games than others in any given season. This led to some disputed championships and two teams claiming the title.

Generally, the team with the best winning percentage (with some minimum number of games played) was awarded the Pennant, but other times it was the team with the most victories. The "games behind" method of recording standings were uncommon in most Black leagues.  The Negro American League disbanded after its 1962 season. 

To become a Professional Athlete.

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