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Thu, 10.19.1922

Benjamin F. Scott, Chemist born

Benjamin Scott

*Benjamin Franklin Scott was on this date in 1922.  He was a Black chemist. 

Born in Florence, South Carolina, he was the son of Benny and Viola Scott and had two older sisters, Mary and Rosa.  Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1942 from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott continued his education at the University of Chicago, earning a Master of Science degree in 1950.  

He held numerous positions after he was appointed a chemist on the Manhattan Project, including working as a subcontractor and manufacturer of Geiger counters from 1946-50. This is important because Geiger counters are instruments used to detect radiation. Scott worked as a Radio- chemist and later Chief Chemist for the Nuclear Instrument Company (1949-63). The Nuclear Instrument Company was renamed the Nuclear-Chicago Corporation (Chicago, Illinois) in 1954.   

He married Bessie Joyce Sampson and had one son.  Benjamin Scott died on October 16, 2000.  

To become a Chemist and Materials Scientist

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