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Thu, 10.17.1985

Black Poetry Day is celebrated

This date is Black Poetry Day established in 1985. An unofficial holiday, it celebrates past and present poets like Langston Hughes, Phillis Wheatley, Frank X. Walker and Maya Angelou and others.

This day is not officially endorsed by an American city, state, or federal government, but it has gained fame and grown because of its importance in Black heritage, in literacy, and in community meaning.  Schools and the general public are asked to spend this day appreciating Black authors and spreading the word of Black poets through friends, family members, and throughout the world.

The birth of Black Poetry Day may have started as an anniversary of the first published African American poet, Jupiter Hammon, who was born into slavery in 1711 on Long Island. With the birth of the Harlem Renaissance, which was alive in the period from about 1924 to 1929, Black Poetry continues to be a day of celebration of Black poets, past and present.

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A closed window looks down on a dirty courtyard, and black people call across or scream across or walk across defying physics in the stream of their will. Our world... KA ‘BA by Amiri Baraka.
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