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Sat, 10.26.1968

The Association Of Black Psychologists is Formed

On this date in 1968, the Registry celebrates the founding of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPSi).

A group of Black psychologists from the country started it in San Francisco.  ABPSi united to address segregation facing Black Psychologists and the larger Black community.  Led by the principle of self-determination, these psychologists built an organization to address the long-neglected needs of Black professionals.  Their goal is to positively affect the mental health of the larger black community through planning, programs, services, training, and advocacy.

Their objectives were:
To organize their skills and abilities to influence necessary change and to address themselves to significant social problems affecting the black community and other segments of the population whose needs society has not fulfilled.

The Association of Black Psychologists has over 1400 members.
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We will be no generashuns to cum for blks r killing r-selves did u hear bros. Did you hear the killings did u hear the sounds of the... UNTITLED (a commemoration of the blk/family) by Johari Amini.
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