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Wed, 06.05.1872

Blacks Serge Politically During Reconstruction

De Lang, S.C., Long, GA., Revels, MS,
Turner, Ala., Walls, Fla., Rainey, S.C. and Elliot, S.C.

On this date in 1872, the Republican National Convention met in Philadelphia. During Reconstruction, this gathering was filled with substantial Black representation from Southern states.

For the first time in American History, three Blacks addressed a major national political convention: Robert B. Elliot, chairman of the South Carolina delegation; Joseph H. Rainey, South Carolina delegate; and John R. Lynch, Mississippi delegate.

Ulysses S. Grant was nominated for president, and Henry Wilson for vice president.




The African American Atlas
Black History & Culture an Illustrated Reference
by Molefi K. Asanta and Mark T. Mattson
Macmillan USA, Simon & Schuster, New York
ISBN 0-02-864984-2

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