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Sat, 04.06.2013

Upton Brothers homers tie & win game in same inning

*On this date in 2013, two Black professional baseball players (brothers) hit consecutive home runs to tie and win their game a first for Major League Baseball.

B.J. and Justin Upton of the Atlanta Braves teamed up to turn a 5-4 ninth inning deficit against the Chicago Cubs into an incredible 6-5 victory with two historic at bats. B.J. led off, worked a 3-1 count against Cubs closer Carlos Marmol before slugging a game-tying solo home run.  After Jason Heyward flew out for the first out in the inning, little brother Justin then stepped in representing the winning run. Baseball writers and social media folks all around the globe perked up as the anticipation of what might happen built. Sure enough, Upton delivered, driving the ball over the center field fence to give Atlanta the win and etch the Upton brother's names in the history books.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, they're now the first set of brothers to hit game-tying and game-winning home runs in the same inning. The last brothers to have homered at all in the same inning were Cal and Billy Ripken back in 1996.

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