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Sat, 01.27.1951

Chance v. Lambeth is Decided

*Chance v. Lambeth was decided on this date in 1951. This suit was brought to United States Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit by William C. Chance.  

He was a 64 year old Black school teacher, trying to recover damages from the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company. This was on the grounds that he was wrongfully ejected on account of his race from a railroad car on which he was an interstate passenger on June 25, 1948. Additionally and also on the grounds that he was subjected to unlawful arrest and imprisonment in connection with his ejection from the car. Jurisdiction was based on diversity of citizenship. There was a judgment for the defendant on the first cause of action, and for the plaintiff on the second cause of action, and cross appeals.  

Argued by Spottswood Robinson on January 11, 1951, judgment was entered for the defendant on the first cause of action. It was found that the regulation was lawful and reasonable by the jury to which the question was first submitted and later by the judge when he concluded that the question was one of law to be decided by him. 

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