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Tue, 08.02.1966

Charles Drew University founded

*The founding of the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science occurred on this date in 1966.  Originally the Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School (later Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science) has evolved and grown since its beginning.

Named after Dr. Charles Drew, the school is shaped by the needs of the community it serves. Currently, the University educates health professionals who have the unique skills, knowledge and commitment needed to improve the lives and health of the medically under served.   Through innovative basic science, clinical, and health services research programs, Charles Drew University faculty and students look to address the health and social issues that strike hardest and deepest among inner city and minority populations.

The College of Allied Health prepares students for careers in the health sciences allied to medicine, including medical assistant, physician assistant, pharmacy technician, medical billing/coding specialist, and medical imaging technologist. The college offers certificate programs, associate and bachelor’s degrees, and a master’s degree in nurse midwifery education. Students in College of Medicine four-year M.D. program receive their degree through a joint training program with the UCLA School of Medicine. The program accepts approximately 24 students each year.

Drew University’s curriculum, in both colleges, focuses on giving students the skills and knowledge they need to provide care in the context of a poor, under served and racially and ethnically diverse population. Drew University’s faculty, staff and students run or participate in more than 100 community outreach and service programs. These efforts are a key component of the University’s mission.

Finding new approaches to old problems associated with minority and inner-city populations is a goal of much of the research conducted on the campus, and the urgency of reaching this goal is conveyed to every trainee. In the past several years, Drew University has undergone a transition from a primarily clinical care focus, to a more traditional academic agenda where education and service are enriched by a research enterprise. This transition has been accomplished through the active recruiting of outstanding physician/scientists and through partnerships formed with leading research institutions such as UCLA, USC, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the City of Hope, and the Mayo Clinic.

The Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is located in the Watts-Willowbrook section of South Central Los Angeles, directly adjacent to the King/Drew Medical Center (Directions). The 11-acre campus includes central administration, educational and learning resources, a biomedical library, basic, clinical and population-based research facilities, and housing for postgraduate students. At present and Beyond Faculty and students at Drew University of Medicine and Science see a different future for the city.

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