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Sat, 06.05.1875

Charles Sumner H.S., St. Louis opens

Charles Sumner H.S. class

Charles Sumner High School’s opening in 1875 is celebrated on this date.  This school was named after politician and abolitionist Charles Sumner.

Founded in St. Louis, Missouri, it was the first such institution for Black students west of the Mississippi.  Established at Eleventh and Spruce Streets, it relocated at Fifteenth and Walnut in 1895 and moved to its present location at 4248 Cottage Avenue in 1910.  It was the only secondary school for Blacks in St. Louis until 1927, when Vashon High was opened.

Educational demands required construction of frame classroom buildings at Sumner in 1911 and in 1914, nine portable classrooms were set up near its last location at Cottage and Pendleton. These were known as the Cottage Avenue School, a training school for student teachers at Sumner Normal. Additions were built at Sumner High in 1922, 1955, and 1968.  In 1933,  Lincoln University at Stowe College operated a junior college under a WPA program.

Sumner High School
4248 Cottage Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63113
Phone: (314) 371-1048
Fax: (314) 531-9852


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