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Mon, 11.19.1500

Chattel Slavery in America, a story

*On this date, we affirm the institution of Chattel Slavery in the United States of America.  This episode was instituted in Puerto Rico and Florida circa 1500 by Spain.  

Ponce de Leon, Don Hernan Cortez, Christopher Columbus, and others brokered kidnapped Africans from Africa to support the Middle Passage to the United States.  A chattel slave is an enslaved person who is permanently owned and whose children and children are automatically enslaved. Chattel slaves are individuals treated as complete property to be bought and sold.  

The breeding of enslaved people in the United States was practice in slave states. Slave owners systematically force the reproduction of enslaved people to increase their profits. It included coerced sexual relations between enslaved men and women or girls, forced pregnancies of enslaved people, and favoring women or young girls who could produce a relatively large number of children. The objective was to increase the number of slaves without incurring the cost of purchase and to fill labor shortages caused by the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade.

Chattel slavery was supported and legalized by all other white European governments and monarchs. This enslavement was practiced in European colonies from the sixteenth century to the 19th century. 

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