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Mon, 10.02.1989

Comic strip Jumpstart premiers

Jumpstart (sample segment)

This date in 1989 marks the premier of the Black comic strip "Jumpstart." This artistic journalism series runs in 300 newspapers across the country.

Twenty-six year old Robb Armstrong is the creator, the youngest African American to be in syndication. He continues the journalistic expertise of Morrie Turner, the creator of Wee Pals, the first African American syndicated comic strip, and Oliver Harrington, pioneer cartoonist and creator of the comic character Bootsie.


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*The poets say that all who love are blind; But I’m in love and I know what time it is! The Good Book say’s “Go seek and ye shall find”. Well I... I GOT IT BAD AND THAT AIN’T GOOD by Carmen McRae.
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