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Sat, 11.25.2023

Fabrice Monteiro, Photographer born.

*The birth of Fabrice Monteiro is celebrated on this date in 1974. He is an Afro Brazilian photographer and visual artist.

Fabrice Monteiro is an Agouda, the descendant of enslaved Brazilians with Portuguese names. He was born to a Beninese father and a Belgian mother. He was born in Belgium, grew up in Benin, and now lives and works in Dakar, Senegal. Monteiro worked as a model for around a decade before becoming a photographer in 2007 after meeting the New York-based photographer Alfonse Pagano.

Monteiro's images are at the intersection between photojournalism and fashion photography. "The diversity of my origins is my first source of inspiration. African and European relations have constantly fluctuated between attraction and rejection, empowerment and denial, and recognition and anger. They have never been indifferent.

"The history of the African-European people over the last centuries that I have inherited is my main source of inspiration." Photography comes naturally to him; he became aware of the complexity of the composition, the lighting, and the posture.

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