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Sun, 06.10.2007

First Black driver wins Formula 1 Race!

Lewis Hamilton

On this date in 2007, the first Black driver won a Formula One (F1) Motorsport Race.

Lewis Hamilton, a 22-year old rookie born in England, won the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal in a race filled with caution flags. The Black Englishman won in his sixth F1 start that day and had six consecutive top three finishes. Hamilton said, "I'm just having a fantastic day, this is history." The only one to give the Mercedes McLaren driver any competition during the 70-lap race on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve's 2.71-mile road course was BMW Sauber's Nick Heidfeld. He chased Hamilton all day without catching him. Hamilton won by 4.3 seconds.

Hamilton, the first driver to start an F1 career in such a formidable manner, scrambled out of his silver and red car, thrusting his arms in the air. He then jumped to the ground, trotted to a barrier and jumped across to dive into the midst of his crew, hugging everyone in sight.

"It's been a fantastic season already," he said. "We've had six podiums and I've been ready for quite some time for the win. It's just been a matter of when and where. The team gave me the best car and I had no problems during the race at all. . . The next dream is to win the Formula One championship," Hamilton said. "But, bear in mind, I'm still a rookie and there's bound to be some bad times, too."

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