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Tue, 12.11.1523

Fort San Sebastian (West Africa), is Built

Fort San Sebastian

*Fort San Sebastian was built on this date in 1523. It was a Portuguese fortress to protect the monetary interest and transfer African Slaves during the Middle Passage.

The facility located in Shama; Ghana is the third oldest fortification in Ghana. It was built by the Portuguese from 1520 to 1526 as a trading post and captured by the Dutch West India Company in 1642. The original purpose of the fort was to serve as a deterrent to English sailors interfering in the Shama trade.  The first black European university professor, Anton Wilhelm Amo, lies interred in the fort's graveyard. The fort was ceded with the entire Dutch Gold Coast to Britain in 1872. During the time of the African Slave Trade, kidnapped Africans were imprisoned there while awaiting transport to North America.

The Zamani Project documented Fort San Sebastian in 2013, with terrestrial 3D laser scanning. The data generated by the non-profit research group creates a permanent record that can be used for research, education, restoration, and conservation.


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