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Wed, 08.31.2011

The Freedman’s Hospital is Founded

*On this date, 1862, the Freedmen’s Hospital School of Nursing opened. This was a hospital for Blacks founded by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams.

Freedmen's Hospital began during the American Civil War after the start of the Freedmen's Bureau, a social service system. Many freed slaves poured into Washington, D.C., hoping their needs would be supplied. Because of these circumstances, the War Department of the Federal Government decided to establish a "Freedmen's Bureau" to create an emergency facility to care for the sick and needy.

In 1967, an Act of Congress transferred Freedmen’s Hospital and School of Nursing to Howard University. 1969 Howard University College of Nursing was established with Dr. Anna B. Coles as its first Dean. Freedmen's Hospital School of Nursing was phased out and admitted its last class in 1970. It graduated its last class in 1973. By then, 1,700 nurses had graduated from Freedmen's Hospital of Nursing.

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