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Fri, 05.06.1864

Lena Mason, Minister, and Poet born

Lena Mason

Lena Mason, a Black minister, and poet was born on this date in 1864.

Lena Doolin was born in Quincy, Illinois of parents, Reida and Vaughn, who were staunch Christians. Young Mason became a Christian at a very early age, attending the Douglass High School of Hannibal, MO. She also attended Professor Knott’s School in Chicago.  She married George Mason in 1883, had six children with only one daughter surviving to adulthood. Mason entered the ministry at the age of 23. During her first three years of ministry, she preached to whites exclusively.

Later she was a member of the Colored Conference preaching in nearly every state in the nation. She was praised for her speaking ability and was also a poet and songwriter.  Mason’s most well-known poem is called "A Negro In It." This was written in response to the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901.

Lena Mason died on August 28, 1924.

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by Rachel Krantz and Elizabeth A.Ryan
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