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Tue, 09.08.2009

Malcolm X Leaves the Nation Of Islam

*On this date in 1964, Malcolm X Separated from the Nation of Islam (NOI).

Malcolm X planned to create a Black Nationalist party that would cooperate with local civil rights actions to heighten the political consciousness of Negroes. The week before, he had an unplanned meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a hallway after they both observed a Senate filibuster on the Civil Rights Bill. Soon after his announcement, a meeting with Malcolm X, E. Grant, and J. Warden to discuss the incorporation of MMI (Muslim Mosque Incorporated) took place.

Later an informant reported that Elijah Muhammad had ordered Malcolm X to surrender his home and car, both owned by the NOI. On March 10th, Malcolm told Ebony magazine that the Black Muslim leaders have "got to kill me.  They can’t afford to let me live; I know where the bodies are buried, and if they press me, I’ll exhume some."

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