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Sun, 09.06.1885

Mamie E. Spurlock, Educator born

Mamie Spurlock

*On this date in 1885, Mamie E. Scurlock was born.  She was a Black educator and business manager.   Born Mamie Estelle Fearing was from Washington, D.C.  

Before managing her husband's photographic studio, she taught elementary education in the D.C. District and Baltimore schools.   She married Addison N. Scurlock in 1925, beginning a 52-year association with Washington's preeminent Black photo studio. The family lived on 16th Street, NW., in 1912.  They had four children, Addison, Robert, George, and Walter.  Scurlock Photographers, where she was a manager, was the major chronicler of Washington's Black social community and cultural life during the Jim Crow years.

The Scurlock family were members of the Plymouth Congregational Church and a charter member of the Herculean Club and the Mus-So-Lit Club.  Mamie Sculock died on July 20, 1977, and is buried in Harmony Memorial Park, Washington D.C.  

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