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Mon, 10.18.1841

Manuel Posadas, Composer, and Musician born

Manuel Posadas

*Manuel Posadas was born on this date in 1841.  He was an Afro Argentinean violinist and composer. 

From Buenos Aires, He was the older brother of Carlos Posadas; he was sent to study music in Europe with Belgian violinist Eugene Ysauye.  This came with the financial support of Bartolomé Mitre, the founder and publisher of the newspaper La Nación and a former President of Argentina.  He became the first violin of the Teatro Colón orchestra and was the teacher of Argentine composer Juan José Castro. In 1903, he had a band that performed at the Politeama Carnival ball, composed of 40 musicians. 

He taught violin and composition to his younger brother, who also played classical music, and in 1917 became the concertino of the Teatro Avenida orchestra, founded by the Spanish community in Buenos Aires to stage mostly operettas and zarzuelas.  He authored many works of renowned Argentine researchers such as Vicente Rossi and Néstor Ortiz Oderigo.  Manuel Posadas died in Buenos Aires in 1916.  

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