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Sun, 07.09.1972

Muntu Dance Theater begins

Muntu Dance Theatre’s was founded on this date in 1972 in Chicago.

In the Bantu language, "muntu" means "the essence of humanity." Muntu Dance Theatre performs authentic and progressive interpretations of modern and ancient African and African American dance, music, and folklore.  It has existed on the spirit and abundant energies of its directors, dancers, musicians, and it has a reputation for making consistent artistic statements of cultural and historical significance. A colorful and invigorating professional company, Muntu often brings its audiences into the aisles with its unique mixture of dance, rhythm, and song.

The company has received enthusiastic and critical acclaim throughout the United States and abroad.  Muntu researches the cultural and historic significance of the dances and the societies from which they originate. They are, in effect, a company of teachers of their art form and its accurate transmittal to audiences. Muntu strives continuously to increase the level of knowledge and enjoyment of African culture through a professional performing art form.

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