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Sat, 10.24.1970

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women is Formed

NC 100 Black Women (Logo)

*On this date, we celebrate the founding of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBW) in 1970.

The NCBW, an advocacy organization, is dedicated to community service, leadership development, and enhancing career opportunities through networking and programming. NCBW was conceived in New York City and became a national organization in 1981.

The NCBW has 60 chapters in 21 states and the District of Columbia, with over 7,000 members. NCBW’s diverse membership is comprised of professional women who are actively involved in the political and economic life of their communities.

The mission of the NCBW is to empower Black women through programs that meet diverse needs. These programs enable NCBW to provide effective networks among Black female leaders; establish links between NCBW and corporate and political sectors; allow Black women to be visible in the socio-economic and political arenas; expose our next generation through role modeling and mentoring to new career opportunities with a special focus on the corporate area, and recognize the historical achievements of African American women.


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by Susan Altman
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