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Fri, 06.09.1911

National Training School for Girls graduates its first Class

First commencement, 1911

*On this date in 1911 the first Commencement Exercise for the National Training School for Women and Girls occurred.

This was one of the earliest vocational educational institutions for Black women. Taking place in Lincoln Heights, Washington, D.C., the school was started by Nannie Helen Burroughs. She was an educator, public speaker, and churchwoman, was an ardent follower of Booker T. Washington's philosophy. She established a school for girls in the District of Columbia in 1909 to provide women with vocational and missionary training.

She stated that in addition to the three R's--reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic, these young women needed the three B's--the Bible, the bath, and the broom. Burroughs often battled men within her denomination about the ownership and administration of her school.

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