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Thu, 11.29.1984

Prince Performs at Gallaudet University

*On this date in 1984, Prince gave one of his more unique concerts.  

At the height of his notoriety, Prince stopped by to play a free concert for 1,900 students at Gallaudet University, the world-renowned school for the deaf, and 600 special needs students from D.C.-area schools.  

Working with promoters Darryll Brooks and Carol Kirkendall, he requested to do the show for disabled students who would not otherwise be able to see or hear him perform. The performance was Prince's second charitable endeavor of the week. He also appeared at a fundraising event for Big Brothers of America.  

The University claimed that the performance was kept secret until the last minute to avoid gatecrashers, so many students had no idea until earlier that day that they would witness one of the most historic shows in Prince's career.   Brooks later recalled the show: "I never seen so many hardcore road [crew] guys start crying ... I think even Prince broke a tear. It was one of those moments that those kids would never forget. And Prince wrote the check for the whole thing."  


Nick Scalera, WETA

Image: Washington Post

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