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Tue, 07.22.1969

A Riot in York, Pennsylvania Occurs

Troops outside of York, PA

*On this date in 1969 in York, Pennsylvania, the National Guard was called to suppress a race riot.

A white man shot Lillie Belle Allen (a young Black woman) the previous night. Earlier that day, Robert and Arthur Messersmith were charged with criminal homicide in the shooting; nine other people were recommended for indictment in the case.

Allen was shot as she tried to drive past a group of white men. Witnesses said Messersmith ran into York’s Newberry Street with armed white men the night of July 21, 1969, as a car carrying Allen approached.

At the time, Charlie Robertson, the two-term mayor of York, Pennsylvania, was being charged with murder in the killing of Allen.  A police officer at the time, Robertson is accused of inciting and providing ammunition to a white gang, which included Messersmith.


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