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Thu, 08.31.1815

Sarah Blake Shaw, Philanthropist born

Sarah Blake Shaw

 *Sarah Blake Shaw was born on this date in 1815.  She was a white-American abolitionist, women's rights supporter, anti-imperialist, and philanthropist.  

Sarah Blake Sturgis was the daughter of Bostonians Nathaniel Russell Sturgis and Susannah Thomsen Parkman. She was the younger sister of merchant Russell Sturgis. She married Francis George Shaw on June 9, 1835. Shortly after their marriage, the Shaw’s became members of the Boston Society of the New Jerusalem, a "part of the 'evangelical' wing of the Unitarian Church." In 1838, they joined the American Anti-Slavery Society and would later become founding members of the Unitarian Church in Staten Island, New York. 

The mother of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and Josephine Shaw Lowell, Sarah Blake Shaw died at age 87 on December 31, 1902 in Manhattan, New York.  She was buried in Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island, New York.   


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