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Sun, 09.14.2003

Yetunde Price, Serena and Venus Williams’ Sister is Killed

Yetunde Price Williams

*On this date in 2003, the eldest sister of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams was killed in a Los Angeles suburb.

31-year-old Yetunde Price was shot at about 12:15 am in Compton, south of Los Angeles. The suspected murder occurred after a confrontation between neighborhood residents and Price, riding in a white SUV with an unidentified man. Sheriff's deputies and a gang squad from the local Compton Police Department had surrounded a house near the shooting, but the suspects fled the building before their arrival. Price died of gunshot wounds to her upper torso.

She owned a Los Angeles area beauty salon, was a personal assistant to her two sisters, and was the mother of three children. Price was one of five sisters who spent their early years in the Compton community.  She was divorced and had moved to Corona, Calif. She took her mother's maiden name a few years ago after her parents were divorced.

In 2018, the gang member who murdered Yetunde Price is now a free man after serving 12 years.

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