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Fri, 12.07.1894

Susie Edwards, Vaudeville Actress born

Susie Hawthorne Edwards

*The birth of Susie Edwards is celebrated on this date in 1894. She was a vaudeville singer.

From Pensacola, Florida, as a young blues singer and actress Susie Hawthornes met singer-dancer Jodie "Butterbeans" Edwards in the Black touring revue “The Smart Set.” She married Jody Edwards during a show in 1917 when a publicity agent offered them $50 to get married on stage at the Standard Theatre in Philadelphia.

It started as a joke for Jodie Edwards and Susie Hawthorne, but they stayed together for life. As "Butterbeans and Susie," they were masters of the "hokum blues," sparring with each other on numbers like "My Daddy's Got the Mojo, But I Got the Say So" and "I Wanna Hot Dog for My Roll."

Susie Edward died on December 5, 1963, in Chicago, Ill.

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