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Fri, 07.05.1918

The 805th Pioneer Infantry is formed

*On this date in 1918, the 805th Pioneer Infantry was formed. They were an all-Black segregated United States Army infantry regiment during World War I.

The 805th contained black soldiers from the state of Mississippi. The battalion landed in France in July 1918 to support the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, which began on September 26, 1918. The 805th Pioneer Infantry participated for 39 days, from October 3, 1918, to November 11, 1918, when the Armistice was signed. 

The regiment was nicknamed the "Bear Cats." A commander, Colonel Chauncey Benton Humphrey (1872–1958) (USMA 1898), boasted that, among other things, his Bear Cats had "the best Jazz band in France," "the best vaudeville show in the American Expeditionary Forces, and the best baseball team of any outfit in France." Moses Hardy and Billy Higgins served in the 805th.

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Ethel Waters sleeps in the stable Looking up at the moon and the stars- It's a bright night in Lexington, Kentucky,- But the Colored Folks in town will not Rent a room... THE DEVILS MUSIC IN HELL (for Billie Holiday) by Julius E. Thompson.
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