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Tue, 10.06.1964

The Campaign Against Racial Discrimination is formed.

*The Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD) is celebrated on this date in 1964. This was a British organization that lobbied for race relations legislation.

The group's formation was inspired by a visit by Martin Luther King Jr. to London in December 1964 on his way to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The Trinidadian pacifist Marion Glean arranged with Bayard Rustin for King to meet a group of black spokespersons and activists at a hotel. An ad hoc committee was formed for a movement to "agitate for social justice and oppose all forms of discrimination," with CARD formally being launched at the next meeting on January 10, 1965.

CARD's founding members included Jocelyn Barrow, Marion Glean, politician Anthony Lester, London County Councillor David Pitt, historian C.L.R. James, Dipak Nandy, and the sociologist Hamza Alavi. Lawyer Richard Small served as CARD's press officer; it was founded in 1964 and lasted until 1967.

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