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Sun, 04.25.1858

The Commodore (Ship) Arrives in Vancouver, Canada

*On this date in 1858, the ship Commodore arrived from San Francisco. Among the 400 or 500 Emigrants were 35 black men of different trades and calling, chiefly intending to settle here. They were congregants of the First A.M.E. Zion Church of San Francisco.

On Monday (the following day), drinking tea at Mrs. Blinkhorn's with my wife, she told us that she was surprised at hearing praise the preceding evening. They proceeded from the men of color who had taken a large room at Laing's the Carpenter, and they spent the Sabbath Evening worshipping the word of God.



Reverend Edward Cridge, from his diary.

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This world is one great battlefield With forces all arrayed, If in my heart I do not yield I’ll overcome some day. I’ll overcome some day, I’ll overcome some day, If in my heart I... I Know the Lord Will Make a Way by Charles Albert Tindley.
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