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Sat, 10.11.1924

The First “Colored World Series” Played

On this date in 1924, the first “Colored World Series” of baseball began in Chicago.

The Kansas City Monarchs played the Philadelphia Hilldales. The Monarchs finished at 55-22, ahead of the Chicago American Giants and the Hilldales were at 47-22 ahead of the Baltimore Black Sox.

A nine game series went the full length. The deciding game was a three-hit shutout by Jose Mendez of the Monarchs, final score K. C.,5; Philly,0.

The Negro Baseball Leagues: A Photographic History,
By Phil Dixon with Patrick J. Hannigan
Copyright 1992, Jed Clauss and Joanna Paulsen
Ameron House Publishing
ISBN 0-88488-0425-2


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