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Sun, 09.23.1821

The Genius of Universal Emancipation Newspaper is Published

*On this date in 1821 we celebrate the Genius of Universal Emancipation newspaper.  This was an abolitionist newspaper from Baltimore, Maryland, established by Benjamin Lundy.  

Originally, the Manumission Intelligencer became The Emancipator in 1820. In 1821 the paper was bought by Lundy and renamed Genius of Universal Emancipation, running from 1821 to 1839 under Lundy's editorship.

Lundy's contributions reflected his Quaker views, condemning slavery on moral and religious grounds but advocating gradual emancipation and the removal of Negroes from the United States. Lundy moved the paper to Jonesboro, Tennessee in 1823, and then established himself in Baltimore, Maryland in 1824, where most of the paper's run would be published.  In 1839, Lundy revived the Genius and printed one more issue before he died of a fever on August 22, 1839.  


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