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Thu, 05.26.1949

The Isitwalandwe/Seaparankoe Medal, a story

*The Isitwalandwe/Seaparankoe Medal is celebrated on this date in 1949. It is the highest award given by the African National Congress (ANC) "to those who have made an outstanding contribution and sacrifice to the liberation struggle", that is, those who resisted the apartheid regime in South Africa (1949−1991) in various ways.

Isitwalandwe means "the one who wears the plumes of the rare bird”, in particular the blue crane, which is featured in both Zulu and Xhosa culture and is the national bird of South Africa. It was customarily only given to the bravest warriors, those distinguished by their leadership and heroism. Known as the Isitwalandwe Medal until 1994 and known as the Isitwalandwe Award and spelled Isithwalandwe and Isitwalandwe/Seaparankwe.

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